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Kitsy Lane and Another Giveaway!

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As I have mentioned previously, I’m now curating an online jewelry boutique through Kitsy Lane. I received my first order this week and I am thrilled with it! The quality is great and it’s just as beautiful as it was in the pictures (if not more)!

The boxes say things like "Hey Gorgeous" and "Lookin' Good". I like when inanimate objects compliment me.

The jewelry prices run from about $10-$200 with most items averaging around $30-$40, I’d say. But, they also have sales running constantly, including daily and weekly specials. Plus, I have the power to give YOU a special coupon or add an item you like to the next sale! Just let me know if you see something you like!

Last week they were running a 3/$60 special, which actually ended up an even better deal because now through the end of October they throw in a free gift with a $50 purchase! So my $60 purchase ended up costing about $15 an item!

I chose the Aria necklace, Farah necklace and Sara cuff. And then they threw in the Sophia scarf for free!

The Aria Necklace (regular price $28)
The Farah Necklace (regular price $32, also comes in silver)
Sara Cuff, (regular price $32)

Here’s all 3 on:

Sorry about the camera photos...

And because I love all of you sooo much, I’m going to give away my Sophia scarf to one lucky person! (Because let’s be honest, I’m probably going to place another order this month and get another scarf…)

All you have to do is head to my Facebook page to enter!

**One last note about JK Style for Kitsy Lane. You have to enter an email address to view the site, once you sign up head to the “My Account” section to update your email preferences to make sure you receive as many or few emails as you’d like!

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  1. christi says:

    I love the arrow necklace!

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