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Did you know I have an Etsy shop? It’s been pretty neglected over the years but I am determined to relaunch and keep it updated! It’s not too full at the moment but I’ll be adding more merchandise regularly. Right now it’s mostly accessories – bags, aprons, etc., but I may be branching out into clothing at some point, we’ll see!

light blue bow clutch2

To celebrate this relaunch, I’m also very happy to announce that 20% of all sales this month will go to a cause that is very important to me, Heartbeat for Hope.¬†Heartbeat For Hope is a non-profit organization supporting children at Village of Hope orphanage, as well as education, and rural development in Ghana, Africa.



Heartbeat for Hope is joining with friends in Ghana for their “Day of the Orphan” campaign set for June 29 with a goal of raising $30,000. So, with only a couple of weeks to go in this campaign, I’d love for you to be part in contributing to a great cause!



Find me on Etsy under shop name JKStyle1, or follow the link here! 

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