It’s (Almost) Coat Season

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Today, let’s forget it’s 80 degree out and talk coats! You might recall that I’m mildly enthusiastic about coats and jackets. (That’s a joke, I’m quite the enthusiast!) Here’s a question, how many of you own lots of cute dresses, skirts, jeans, tops, shoes, and only 1 or 2 coats? Let me guess, you’ve got your “dress-up” coat – maybe something of the black or brown wool peacoat variety and then another more casual, maybe a Northface, or puffy short coat, or even a heavy zip up sweatshirt. 
For whatever reason, we tend to think you need multiple bags, numerous pairs of shoes, and just one coat to get you through the cold seasons. And if a minimalist wardrobe is your thing, then yes, grab one coat that you can get a ton of use from. BUT, if you’re like me and love having more options to play with, coats are a great way to up your style game! Specifically, colorful coats!
Think of it this way, when it’s cold outside how much time do you spend in your coat? Probably a lot! If you’re out running errands you’re probably keeping your coat on the entire time. So that cute outfit you spent time planning? No one is going to see it! Instead, they’re seeing your old, ratty coat that you’ve been wearing for the past decade. Let’s up our coat game this year! I’ve pulled a few colorful coats right now that are under $200 that are fit to be seen all day! Plus, I’ll even include a styling option or two so you can see them in action! Think you can only wear that red or blue coat one way, think again!

Think a pink coat isn’t practical? You might be surprised of the mileage you can get!
pink coat styling


And a turquoise coat might look fun, but a little intimidating. It’s definitely wearable though!

turqouse coat nordstrom

It’s just as cute with jeans and boots as it is with your work wear!

turquoise coat styling


A red coat will get a ton of use!

red nordstrom coat

If you have a lot of neutrals in your closet, a red coat is a great addition! 

red coat styling


Wearing a leopard coat is a statement for sure, but if you think of it in terms of a neutral, you’ll find lots of ways to wear it!

leopard coat nordstrom

leopard coat styling


This gorgeous coat is going to earn a lot of compliments!

Especially since you can wear it with your favorite (chic) sneakers and your favorite heels!

green coat styling


A mustard coat is extra adorable and goes from casual to dressy in the change of your shoes!

zara yellow coat

mustard coat styling

All these coats (with links!) and a few more!

Untitled design (2)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9
Are you a fan of a colorful coat? Tell me the colors you own!

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