Impulse Buy of the Month (and totally worth it!)

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Two things you should know about me. 1) As my birthday is in January, the whole month is a celebration (in my mind). I can justify pretty much any purchase for myself as a birthday gift. 2.) Pinterest, magazine and website ads, sponsored posts – all that stuff- it works on me. This is how I came to purchase a faux leather moto jacket off of People Magazine’s website last week. Total impulse buy!

I’m not even sure how it happened. I was browsing People on my phone before bed (don’t judge me, I occasionally like mindless entertainment to clear my head a bit) and one of their sponsored stories was about the iconic leather moto jacket and how everyone needs one. If I’m being honest, I have one. More than one. (We’ll stop there.) But I LOVE jackets. And I WEAR jackets. Particularly moto jackets. They’re the perfect amount of edginess to my otherwise wholesome look. 


Not only was the cut of this jacket great (look at those lines!), the fabric is luxe, you wouldn’t know this wasn’t real leather! The icing on the cake was the price. On sale for $59.50 WITH 10% off and FREE SHIPPING for new customers. Done and done. 





As I anxiously awaited the arrival of my jacket, I was both slightly embarrassed (I just bought a faux leather jacket off what is essentially an ad on and totally exhilarated (it’s been a rough couple of months and retail therapy IS REAL!).

I couldn’t have been happier with this jacket! The quality is great, the size is perfect (I ordered a medium as I am rather busty and actually wanted it to zip all the way up without smashing anything.), and I’m still thrilled with the price and the fact that shipping was free and it was at my door within a week of ordering!

Oh, People. You win.  

You can win too, as this jacket is still available! Go here to order and use code PEOPLE10 to save 10%. You’ll get free shipping too if you’re a new customer. 

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