I Tried the Highest Rated Jeans on Amazon

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I’m a complex individual when it comes to shopping. (Well, if you ask Brent it’s probably more than just shopping.) I’m both a sucker for good advertising/styling/sales AND completely skeptical of things being too good to be true.

I know a lot of people find great fashion deals on Amazon and are sold on their selection of brands, inventory, and of course good prices and free shipping. I had never tried it though. Amazon and clothes shopping just didn’t seem to fit together in my head I guess.

I decided to browse through their women’s clothing a couple of weeks ago and wanted to see what were the top-selling items people were buying and loving. At the top of the list? A pair of Levi’s under-$25 jeans that had thousands of amazing reviews.

I was now intrigued. First, can a pair of cheap jeans really be that good? And second, is there a whole world of amazing Amazon clothes shopping I really didn’t know about? I’m embarrassed to admit, it’s true.

How else to rectify my mistakes than by buying these beloved jeans and trying them out myself? (It’s all in the name of research!)

Without further ado, I present my review of THE Amazon Jeans. 😊

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The Jeans


And here’s what I thought:


First, I was very impressed with the material. With the pull-on aspect I was expecting a thin stretchy jegging of sorts. These feel like regular denim jeans that have a lot of stretch.


After reading reviews and the size chart I went with the size 8 (in jeans I normally wear a 6/8, though I also have sizes 10-12 in other jeans/jeggings.)

I also have a preference for slightly longer jeans (not cropped or above the ankle), so I went with the long length. I am tall, 5’8, but do NOT have long legs, they’re more of a “regular” length, if that helps.


The fit is snug but not tight feeling. I didn’t realize when I bought them that they were “shaping” jeans. This means they have a mesh panel in the waist that acts as shape wear. It is not what I’d consider constricting at all. If you want shape wear in your jeans, it has it. If you don’t need shape wear or care about it, I don’t think it will bother you.

The rise is also a bit higher on these which I loved! My waist is smaller in size than my hips so I’m constantly tugging at jeans and readjusting the waist. These stayed put and didn’t dig in anywhere (a nice way of saying no “muffin top”).

As a reminder, this has an elastic waist band, so no zipper or buttons:


I wore the jeans from Saturday around lunchtime until I went to bed and found them to be very comfortable.

The reviews I read on Amazon had a lot about how comfortable they were but that they don’t stretch out of shape and it’s true, I didn’t notice any stretching out of the denim in the 10+ hours I wore them.

My recommendation

Buy them. I’ve been needing to get some new jeans and a $200 pair just isn’t in my budget right now. I haven’t found any “affordable” jeans (Old Navy, Target, etc.) that have fit well so I wasn’t expecting much from this pair. I give them 5 stars and will probably buy another pair of the dark wash when it’s available again!

Read the size chart, ask me any questions if you’ve got them, and buy some!

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  1. I’m seriously thinking about trying these! The main points that caught my attention were that the waist is higher and that they aren’t thin like jeggings.

    1. I am really loving them! On my 4th wear already! :)

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