I Tried the Duluth Trading Company No-Yank Tank

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I decided on a whim yesterday to post on my Facebook page that I was going to be trying out the Duluth Trading No-Yank Tank to see if it really worked. Turns out a LOT of people want to know too! So, is this tank really worth the hype?

In a word, yes, but I’ll explain more below!

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no-yank tank review - JK Style

When I first saw the commercials for the Duluth Trading No-Yank Tank I was definitely intrigued. As someone who has a really long torso it’s hard to find tank tops and shirts that don’t ride up and that you’re not constantly tugging down. Ugh.

I’m basically prepared to yank on my shirt anytime I need to bend over, which usually just results in the neckline dipping lower than I’d like and then yanking the other direction, defeating the entire process. The struggle is real.

The No-Yank Tank

My birthday was Monday and my mom bought me a black No-Yank tank to try and honestly, my first reaction to picking up this thin black tank was, “This is it?”

I think I was expecting some sort of shape-wear style tank that was thick and almost suctioned to your body, how else would it not move, right? But really, would you want to be wearing that type of tank while engaging in the sorts of activities Duluth Trading shows in the commercials? Isn’t someone chopping wood? Too hot for shape wear, my friends.

So no, this is not your thick, spandex-y, Spanx-style tank top that holds you in and you have to peel off your body later. This $16.50 tank looks like the type of simple black tank you’d find anywhere. So, needless to say, I had my doubts!

Duluth Trading No Yank Tank - JK Style

Duluth Trading No-Yank Tank review - JK Style

The first thing I noticed when I put it on was how it felt fitted and snug but not too tight (I’m wearing a size Medium) It’s thin but not see-through. The straps are wide enough to cover my bra straps (yes!!) and it’s definitely long enough for my long waist.

Duluth Trading No Yank Tank - JK Style

The material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex and feels very breathable. Definitely perfect for chopping wood! :)

But Does the No-Yank Tank Work?

Is it truly no-yank?!

Yes. And no. While I did have to tug the back down a few times throughout the day, it was mostly just when I had been sitting on the couch and things like pillows or blankets were against my back. Understandable.

But, it did pass the bend-over-and-pick-stuff-up-off-the-ground task numerous times throughout the day! (And I’ve got a 1-year old so I’m constantly picking up dropped sippy cups, toys, and whatever else Indy keeps dropping.) I was even down on the floor looking for something under the couch and noticed my shirt still stayed in place.

What Really Sold Me

I think the thing that sold me on this tank though is the fact that it stayed put at the neckline. Every top or layering tank I have creeps down and down and I’m pulling it up (and then yanking it down in the back again) Bending over becomes a sort of race to see how quickly I can simultaneously hide any cleavage or bare back.

Even when I bent over or did pull the back of this tank down the top never budged. I’m sold!

I’m going to wear this again today to see if anything’s changed/stretched out too much after one wear, but right now I can give it two thumbs up. I’d definitely recommend trying one to see what you think!

The No-Yank collection also includes both short and long-sleeve tees, so I’m curious to try those out too. I may be stopping by the store soon (there’s one of off I-40 in OKC) for a try-on session so I’ll keep you posted!

Update as of February 2020

Am I still loving this tank? Yes. Do I wear it all.the.time.? Yes.

It’s become my go-to tank for layering under jackets and cardigans and I trust it’s not going to give me any grief. (Like so many other tanks I’ve tried!)

Friends, I wore this tank to a yoga class and it stayed put. I think that’s all you need to know. Go buy one. Or three. Thank me later.

Originally published January 10, 2019 with updates made in February 2020.

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