I Still Can’t Believe It: The Day I Bought Crocs

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Well, I can’t say I ever thought this day would come. I bought something that I said I’d never buy. And then I wore said purchase. And I have to say, I can’t do anything but recommend it. So, here goes.

This all came about because I needed comfortable walking shoes. I’m going on vacation in September and will be doing a lot of walking and needed shoes that can actually offer some comfort and support. (For me, comfortable walking shoes generally means less than a two-inch heel, or flats with zero arch support.) Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s just the thought of walking miles a day and feeling every. single. step. in my feet, but I thought I better attempt to find something. I did a little research and one brand kept popping up. And while I’ve heard people speak for years about the comfort of this particular brand, I never once considered them an option. But then I started seeing fashion bloggers and people whose style I like also recommending this brand. Could it be true? Could CROCS actually be stylish???

Crocs rio 1

Though my husband reminded me I could lose all validity as a style blogger, I took a chance. The particular style I wanted, the Rio, wasn’t sold in stores around me, so I ordered them from Amazon (they had free returns). They came in the mail and when I saw them in person I felt a strange mixture of guilt and excitement. And as wrong as it felt, sliding them onto my feet felt just as good. 

crocs rio 2

So far they were meeting all my criteria for black flats: stylish, pointed toe, chic looking, and comfortable. The true test though would be actually wearing them out and walking A LOT! So, I did! Saturday I had a shopping job and wore these shoes (I’m still having trouble saying I wore CROCS). I was doing some serious power walking through the mall that day. (According to the pedometer on my phone it was close to four miles.) No blisters, no aching lower back. No bruised-feeling heels or arches. They felt cushion-y and supportive all day! Dang it, Crocs. I don’t want to like you. I really don’t.  A few pros and cons:


  • You’re wearing Crocs 
  • Because of the material (a plastic rubbery-type), your feet might sweat a little (honestly, it wasn’t much). Considering it was scorching outside, I was more than satisfied with how my feet felt all day. No blisters or anything. And considering my trip is in September, I figure it will be a little cooler then too!
  • No half sizes in this particular style. I wear an 8.5 and ordered up to a 9. This worked great for me, but a thin insert would probably help if it felt a little too big.
  • Also because of the shoe material, they might get a few scratches here and there, but I didn’t feel like mine were noticeable.


  • They look like a “regular” shoe, none of that comfy/travel/support-type clunky stuff.
  • They would work with pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, whatever. I love a classic black pointy toe flat.
  • THEY ARE COMFORTABLE. As comfortable as wearing a pair of sensible support socks and tennis shoes? Probably not. But, would I ever wear that unless I’m working out/doing something athletic? No. What I would normally wear for this same occasion would be a pair of black flats or sandals with zero arch support or cushion. Are they more comfortable than that? A million times, yes!
  • No squeaking. I was afraid the material would be squeaky, particularly on tile floors (like, the entire mall), but they didn’t!

A few of the styles I’m liking:

crocs1 // 2 // 3 // 4

As much as it pains me, I can doing nothing but endorse Crocs. Wait, I can do nothing but endorse certain styles of Crocs. The “classic” clog style is still the stuff my nightmares are made of. 

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  1. Well they are cuter than the originals!! I’d wear them! jodie

  2. STOP!! These are actually super cute!!! And now I might want to try them? I can’t even believe I’m saying that.

    1. I know!! It’s pretty much insanity.

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