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H&M in OKC Review!

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I think my mom said it best, “I can’t believe we’re in an H&M in Oklahoma!” The wait is over and the store is OPEN! If you haven’t had a chance to check out it just yet, I’ve got some photos and info to tide you over until you do! 

I opted out of trying to get in line early (I heard some people showed up at midnight) and got to the mall around 10:15 or so, as I had some other shopping to do. By then there were already hundreds lined up and everyone seemed fairly happy about it! This actually proved to be the perfect time to shop other stores because the rest of the mall was so empty! We headed back to H&M as it got closer to the noon opening just to see it in action, so many people excited for this store!

HM Grand Opening OKC line
Probably near the halfway point of the line
H&M OKC Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting
cutting the ribbon

And then we went elsewhere to shop for a bit! I knew it would take awhile to get all those people inside the store and there was no point waiting! We ventured back closer to 2:00 and things were much better inside! And now, H&M in OKC! (Sorry, the photo quality isn’t the best. I didn’t have my “real” camera and the lights in H&M aren’t the best for picture taking!)

H&M OKC Grand Opening clothing display

H&M OKC Grand Opening clothing 11

H&M OKC Grand Opening store 3


H&M OKC Grand Opening clothing 2


H&M OKC Grand Opening store


H&M okc grand opening red dress

While I stuck pretty close to the women’s section, they’ve got large selections of men’s and children’s clothing. For the guys:

H&M OKC Grand opening mens 2

H&M OKC Grand opening mens

As always, the prices were great:

H&M OKC Grand Opening cardigans

And there is definitely something for everyone whether your style runs more “Chanel-like”:

H&M Grand Opening clothing 4
Such a cute jacket!

Or a little more urban/hipster/cool cat lady:

H&M OKC Grand Opening cat outfit

I grabbed a few things and since I didn’t want to wait up to an hour for a dressing room I just bought everything I was eyeing and will take back what doesn’t fit! I was able to get:

  • a dress
  • a sweater
  • a long light weight tunic/dress
  • a makeup brush holder
  • some shoes ($5!)
  • a coat


Have you visited the store yet? What did you think?

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