Harrods: The Ultimate Shopping Experience

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If I had filled out one of my own “Real Girls, Real Style” profiles a while back I don’t know what I would have listed as my “dream” shopping spree location.  Maybe Nordstrom? Neiman Marcus?  Saks?

As of a couple of weeks ago, that has all changed. Harrods. I’d go to Harrods.

Harrods logo



Since I only had one day in London I was really only able to do a really quick tour of Harrods. In fact, I didn’t even buy anything. I KNOW, UGH.  Anyway, it was enough time to fall in love. Guys, this place is 7 stories and covers 4.5 acres. Yes, you read that correctly.

Picture a long room full of designer clothing. Each designer has it’s own section and is manned by salesgirls all dressed in that designer’s clothing. I’m talking full hair, makeup, gorgeous dresses, heels, the works.  They call  you “Madam”. They smile. And this is just one tiny department!  It is probably good that I had only about an hour in the store. Otherwise, I would have come home with a lot of stuff and no money.

karen millen embellished pleated dress full

karen millen embellished pleated dress back

This Karen Millen dress was pretty much begging to come home with me.  I resisted, however, as it was a little(!) out of my price range. 


ted baker hickory east west bag

So wonderfully chic and classic. Loved it.

They also have amazing Food Halls with all kinds of delicious treats, and their own gift shop with Harrods logo-ed notebooks, tote bags, pens, Christmas ornaments, teddy bears, you name it. 

Bottom line, if you are in London, Harrods is worth checking out. And you definitely need more than an hour!

Originally published May 14, 2014

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