I Tried (Another) Pair of the Highest Rated Jeans on Amazon

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Last fall I realized that most of my jeans were falling apart. Like literally. The inner legs were worn so thin so one false move would be a disaster. Most of the pairs of denim I have I’ve had for years and years. It was more than time to replace them. Since I don’t usually wear jeans in the summer time (it’s just too hot!), I kind of forgot about it until recently. But when I started browsing Amazon and found some crazy high rated jeans I knew it was time to try them! I lucked out and found some great affordable jeans I love!

Did you see my review of the Levi’s Shaping jeans from a few weeks ago? I really liked them (and have worn them a LOT since I bought them) BUT, my one complaint is that they are more of a jegging. So, no front pockets, no zipper/buttons and they look, well, like jeggings. Unless you’ve got a longer top on, which I always do. (Then they look like normal jeans.)

I wanted a pair of jeans jeans, just regular ‘ol dark, jeans with pockets that fit great and also were cheap.

And I found them!

From the same collection, the Levi Strauss Signature Gold Label Collection, these are the Modern Skinny Jean.

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Another Pair of Great Affordable Jeans from Amazon

great affordable jeans - JK Style


The material is stretchy, and not as thick as the other pair (which had a shape wear feel). These feel like your run-of-the-mill jeans. They also had a scent from the dye when I first opened them but after washing them that issue was resolved.


This time I went with the size 8 in regular (instead of Long, like the others). I think they are the perfect length for a skinny pair of jeans.


The fit is snug and just like what I’d want in a pair of jeans. These weren’t “shaping” jeans like the other pair, so they weren’t as thick feeling.

The rise is higher than other jeans I’ve had, but not as high as the last pair of Amazon shaping jeans. I do have to tug these up some through the day, but not more so than I’d normally do with jeans. I think this problem could be solved by having the waist taken in by a tailor. Or, doing it myself, which means it will never happen and I’ll just tug them or wear a belt. Problem solved. :)

I will say that I’ve tried stretchy skinny jeans from both Target and Old Navy in the last year and they were both a hard pass. Those “Rockstar” jeans at Old Navy that people seem to love didn’t even fit my calves. (I have wider calves, just FYI.) I feel like this is a good fitting pair of jeans if you’re on the curvy side!

great affordable jeans - JK Style


These are pretty comfortable in my opinion. I’ve worn them a handful of times now (and washed them once) and they’re still a great fit and the type of jeans I’ve been looking for for a long time.

My Recommendation

great affordable jeans - JK Style

If you want a good fitting, affordable pair of skinny jeans, I’d buy them. I’ve been very happy with them and know I’ll be living in them (and the other pair) all fall.

The only denim I think I’m lacking at this point is a pair of bootcut or trouser cut. If I can find another pair on Amazon I’ll let you know! And if you try either this pair or the shaping pair, please let me know. I’d love to hear what you think! Or if you have another pair of great affordable jeans to recommend, let me know that too!

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great affordable jeans - JK Style

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