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Good Intentions

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I was doing some grocery shopping in Wal-Mart today and walked by this shirt:

tshirt bad decisions

(I couldn’t help but think of how it applied to so many people that were actually in the store at that time.)
Seriously though, don’t we usually have good intentions when we get dressed in the morning? And then sometimes things just kind of fall apart and we spend the day looking slightly disheveled. It happens to the best of us.
When my husband and I lived in our first apartment it had such tiny closets that I took over the master bedroom closet and then he took the one in the guest room. At the time, he was still in school and didn’t have to be up as early as I did for work so I spent many mornings trying to get dressed in a dark closet without waking him up. One day I remember arriving at work and getting settled in my office when I realized my clothing didn’t match. Not just “kind of didn’t match”, more like, “I must be color blind – didn’t match”. Oops. Luckily, no paparazzi follow me so my unfortunate outfit lives on only in my mind (and maybe the minds of my old co-workers.)
Or maybe you’ve left the house in what you thought was a flattering outfit. Then those Facebook pics you were tagged in show a different story. Ouch. We’ve all been there, and we’ll be there again!  So next time you see me and I’m slightly less than put-together, hold off on judgement. Unless I’m wearing Crocs or something, and then you can totally judge me. 
On another note, I forgot to skip my JustFab subscription this month so I now have a credit. Which pair should I choose?






boots 2


What do you think? See a pair I should get? Or should I hang on to the credit for a bit?

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  1. Amanda Blanton says:

    The blue flats (“Tarina”) are so cute! I would get that if it were me. :)

    1. I think those are my favorite too!

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