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Going Bold – Statement Jewelry

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I’ve always been pretty simple when it came to jewelry. Diamond (well, CZ) studs for every day, maybe a bracelet now and then, nothing too exciting. I’ve really been trying to experiment more with accessorizing and I’m choosing some pretty bold pieces lately!


crystal necklace instagram

I purchased this necklace from Publik just before Thanksgiving this year and am loving the different ways I can wear it! (Option here, here, and here.)


le tote


I received this necklace in my very first Le Tote box and decided to buy it. I think it’s such a unique piece.


le tote necklace



I picked up these rings just before Christmas:



The midi ring is from Publik (not in stock currently) and the black ring is from Francescas. (I can’t find it online but I’ve still seen it in stores recently.) 


I asked my husband for this Modcloth necklace for Christmas. I love anything with a honeycomb design. (My parent’s own a honey company.)



So far I’ve worn it with a black sweater and dark jeans, but I can definitely make it work with a lot of different outfits.


A few more on my wish list?

 Statement Jewelry

Helena Ring $68 / Stacy Collar $50 / Skye Bracelet $29 / Faux Stone Necklace $12.80 / Floral Statement Ring $24.95 / Gold Standard Bracelet $16 / Cutout Pave Studs $24.95 / Floral Statement Necklace $34.95 /
What’s your preference on jewelry? Simple? Or bold?

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