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A few years back my husband returned from a golf game (his favorite pastime) and he brought me home a golf ball he had found. It was hot pink with a hint of shimmer.  The conversation went a little like this:
Husband: “I found this and thought you might like it. But, isn’t it a little offensive to women that they make a golf ball-
Uh, no I’m not offended Titleist or Nike, or whoever would make a sparkly golf ball. The truth is, I love things that sparkle! 
A few things on my sparkle radar lately (click the item name for direct link):
glitz and gleam heelGlitz and Gleam Heel 


glitz and enamor dressGlitz and Enamor Dress


Twinkling at Twilight Dress

Twinkling at Twilight Dress


yes i candescent heel

Yes I Candescent Heel





i belief in you gold ringI Be-leaf in You Gold Rhinestone Ring


zara glitter flat sandalGlitter Flat Sandal



sparkles t-shirtSparkles T-Shirt


 What can I say? Sometimes you’ve just got to have some glitter! How about you?




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