Fueling My Black and White Obsession

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Happy Tuesday! Did you see my news yesterday about a Brent’s new job? After a year of looking, applying, interviews and also going back to school while doing all of that, he got an awesome job he started yesterday!

We’re really excited about it and I’m hoping all these good things will just keep coming! (It’s been a long year, ha!)

Just a little update on my “real” life, aside from all the clothes and makeup.

And now let’s get to the clothes and makeup. 😊

Today I’m talking clothes, specifically black and white outfits. I noticed that I’ve been favoring this color combination a bit lately so let’s dive in!

This was yesterday’s outfit, which worked well for the #jkstylejuly prompt of “black and white”! I paired this sequined white top and a black wide-legged jumpsuit.

And Sunday I wore this black and white outfit, paired with some bright pink shoes.

I wore this favorite maxi dress last week:

And also found this old maxi skirt in my closet I used to wear all the time!

Remember the week I didn’t wear any black? Looks like I’ve fallen completely off the wagon! 😊

If you’re feeling black and white like I have, here are some great pieces I’ve found, all under $40! Scroll through below to see them all.

This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

And now, which pieces are your favorite? I’m kind of loving that Donna Karan skirt!

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