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Friday Top 3

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As we near the weekend, I leave you with my top 3 things of the week.


1. The Catherine Malandrino collection for Kohls.  It’s sophisticated, a little whimsical, and quite a steal. (And currently 25% off.)

2. My new venture with Kitsy Lane. Really beautiful jewelry and they have amazing deals every day. Until midnight tonight they are running a “3 for $60” special on select items.  Plus, if you spend $50 this month you receive a free scarf. Pictured below are the items I ordered. What would normally cost $92 was $60 (plus the scarf!) A pretty good deal! (That equals $15 a piece for you non-math people!)

3. A little helpful jewelry organization tip. I’ve tried (and failed) numerous times to get my jewelry organized so that it’s easy to find and also looks like I put a little thought into the display.  While the tray is great for displaying some of my favorite necklaces and earrings, I needed another idea for all of my bracelets and cuffs.

Yes, those stud earrings are on buttons, it helps keep them together!


It seems like I always have several tall, thin floral vases around and thought they would be great for displaying bracelets.

It may be time to add another vase...


So I’m left with this instead of a huge pile of things that are tangled!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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