Finding Your Perfect Fall Bra with ThirdLove

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. A killer outfit will only take you so far, if you don’t have the proper foundation, it’s kind of pointless! That’s right, I’m talking about what you wear UNDER your perfect outfit! Specifically, bras today! And you can find your perfect fall bra with ThirdLove using this handy little personality quiz! (Oh, and I might have a discount code for you too!)

Bra Personality Quiz

It looks like the 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra is calling my name!

I just in the last month of so heard about ThirdLove and have been wanting to try it out! Bra shopping is not the easiest task for me (I wear a not-so-common size) so when I heard that they actually carried my size (and a wide range of sizes), plus I could try a bra for 30 days before I decided if I wanted to keep it or not, I was sold! I’m going to order one today (and use their handy bra sizing app) and I’ll post a full review soon, stay tuned! If you’re curious about trying it for yourself, use code TLBBOCT16 to save 15% off any order!


Have you tried a bra from ThirdLove? Tell me about it!

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  1. Debra Schramm says:

    Have you tried these yet?

  2. What a cute flowchart! I’m the worst about buying new bras… I put it off and hate having to spend the money to get them. I’ll have to check out Thirdlove. That’s awesome that they have a 30 day guarantee!

  3. Oooo I love the idea of trying out the bra for the month before fully committing. I am super picky about the one I have but I’d love to branch out. Thanks for the promo code!

  4. I keep hearing about ThirdLove and I may need to give it a try! Bras are often so uncomfortable for me…though admittedly, I probably keep some much longer than I should because I absolutely DREAD bra shopping.

  5. Debra Schramm says:

    I can’t wait for your review. I’ve been wanting to try Thirdlove but didn’t know anyone else who has. I found the perfect Soma bra several years ago but they quit carrying my size. I’m tired of buying bras that don’t work for me.

  6. Trenara says:

    Great article, I am a big advocate for proper bras they make a huge difference in how your clothes fit!

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