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One of the things I love most about traveling is checking out the great shopping of the area. (Surprising, I know.) And while I love the growth OKC is experiencing and the new stores that are opening (Yay Anthropologie! And finally an H&M!), there’s a little part of me that liked how those stores were kind of special because we didn’t have easy access to them! But, you can’t stop change, and really, I don’t want to! But, I do still have a special place in my heart for those stores that don’t have locations nearby! (For now!)
, is definitely one of those “vacation” stores for me. With only a few US locations open, until my recent trip to Europe, I hadn’t been to one since my last trip to NYC, which was a few years back. And now I’m a little obsessed with their cool, easy style. (They’re based out of Barcelona so you get that “cool, but not trying too hard” vibe.) I’ve put together some of my favorite pieces below and while you may not be near a store location anytime soon, you can always shop online! And JC Penney carries a “MNG by Mango” line too!

Bicolor Striped Crepe Blouse

Stitched Shoulder Dress

Side-Slit Wrap Dress

Chest-Pocket Long Dress

With so many classic pieces, these are so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, plus they’re easy to dress up or down! A few more favorites:


mango collage

Are you a fan of MANGO? What stores do you always hit when traveling? 


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