The Coziest Jumpsuits I Plan to Live In (And they’re $25 and under!)

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I don’t know about you, but all I want right now is comfy loungewear. These are some of the coziest jumpsuits I’ve found and they happen to be super cute too!

I find myself thinking about all the money we’ve been saving lately by just staying home all the time. And yet, packages keep arriving on the porch and I’m all “oops”. 

In my defense, I really haven’t bought all that much. And what I did buy was all on major (major) sale. If you get any store emails or notifications you know that people are scrambling to stay open by any means necessary. I’m just doing my part of supporting the economy, right? :)

I decided early on during the stay-at-home orders that I wanted to find some comfy jumpsuits. Not only are they a one-step outfit, they’re also easy to dress up or down and perfect for busy days, whether I’m at home or running errands. (One day I’ll run errands again I suppose.)

Here are three super cute and SUPER comfortable jumpsuits that just arrived this week. And lucky for you, they’re all currently on sale!

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The 3 Coziest Jumpsuits (that are super affordable!)

1. Perfectly Cozy Lounge Jumpsuit (Currently on sale for $20)

I’ve had my eye on this jumpsuit for a while, it even made an earlier post from March. It wasn’t available for shipping until just recently so I snagged it once it was! Also, if it’s currently unavailable in your size, hit the “notify me when back in stock” option and cross your fingers because this is a good one.

coziest jumpsuits - Target loungewear JK Style

It’s pretty much like wearing pajamas but totally acceptable for non-bedtime too. I’ve been wanting this for so long so I was a little nervous trying it on that it wouldn’t fit right or that the material would be too thin or something. Nope, I love it. (And I got a medium for size reference.)

2. Breathe ON V-Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit (Currently on sale for $25)

I haven’t shopped at Old Navy in years and then once all this staying home happened, I find myself opening their emails every day! Along with snagging some wide-legged linen pants I also grabbed a couple of jumpsuits, including this one:

coziest jumpsuits - Old Navy Breathe ON jumpsuit - JK Style

This material is great! This is actually from their athletic wear line and the material is lightweight and breathable and this is so comfortable. This would be great for traveling too (one day). They also sell joggers in this material so I’m going to be checking those out for sure.

I don’t love pants that are that cropped/almost look too short in length, which seems to be the style these days. I ordered this jumpsuit in the tall size (I’m in a medium, for reference) and it gave me the extra length I wanted AND gave me the extra length my super-long torso needs too. I don’t know if they have the burgundy shade I bought but there are still some other great options. 

3. Boucle-Knit Waist-Definited Jumpsuit (Currently on sale for $18)

My other Old Navy find, I thought this one looked pretty comfy too and I was not mistaken. When I ordered it they didn’t have a size medium so I opted for a large – I mean, let’s make it MORE comfortable, right??  It’s got a draw-string waist so it still works!

Old Navy Jumpsuit - JK Style

I ordered this in the tall size too and like the length better on me. (I’m about 5’8 also, if that helps you with sizing.) It looks like they don’t have the navy blue (hard to tell in this photo) I got but there’s still a few colors to pick from. 

Just a note about Old Navy, shipping has been a little on the slow side (I’ve only ever used the free shipping option). I ordered both of those jumpsuits on April 10th and they arrived May 5. Not terrible all things considering, just letting you know! (I still think they were worth the wait.)

I figured ordering three of these meant at least one of them was a dud, but no, I love them all and they’re the perfect coziest jumpsuits for lounging and living. Let me know if you have any questions about sizes or anything.  And if you want to pin this for later, here you go!

coziest affordable jumpsuits

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