4 Pieces that Feel Like PJs Perfect for Working from Home

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OK, so I started on this post a few weeks back, back when things were normal and we had zero clue we’d be self-quarantining and figuring out how to work at home/home school, etc. So, it’s probably more relevant than ever to have a post about comfortable clothes that still look like “regular” clothes – you know, for those video conference calls you’ve got to get on! 

I’m a little late to the game when it comes to dressing for comfort. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s becoming a mother, maybe’s it’s just that my eyes have been opened. Whatever it is, comfort dressing is here and I’m here for it.

Now I’m not talking leggings and old t-shirt type of comfort dressing. I mean clothes that LOOK like they belong in the real world (the grocery store, Target, running errands, etc.) but FEEL like they should be worn for serious lounging and/or sleeping. I’ll wait while you think of a better pairing when it comes to clothing…

While I don’t think I’ll move over entirely to elastic waist pants (who knows though!), I can definitely get behind some comfy, cozy items that still look polished and stylish! Here are 5 pieces from Target that will take you from bed to business and back. :)

This post does contain affiliate links, meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you. 

Some Favorite Comfy Stylish Clothes

1. These pants

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen these pants a few times already. I was looking to find some new at-home lounge wear, since most of mine was close to a decade (or more) old. I stumbled upon these beauties and was shocked at how they looked but also, they are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever put on my body.

These come in this burnt orange/citrus-y shade (they call is “blush”),  as well as black and gray.

comfy stylish clothes - Target comfortable pants

2. This jumpsuit

I haven’t tried this on but know that this brand is SO soft and cozy. Yes, you could sleep in this jumpsuit, but you could also throw on a cute jacket and flats and run all over town (one of these days) without anyone thinking you’re too lazy to get dressed. (If only they knew!)

comfortable jumpsuit from Target


3. This sweatshirt

Brent and I usually don’t do big Valentine’s Day things – we usually don’t go out that day and we sometimes skip gifts/cards too. This year I found something I thought he would like, so of course, he had to get me something too! :) I had just seen this gorgeous tie-dye sweatshirt on my last Target trip so I knew exactly what to ask for!

Target sweatshirt

It’s as ridiculously soft as the other items on this list so it’s perfect for chilly days outside but it’s still trendy with it’s pattern and works great with a pair of jeans.

4. These wide-legged pants

Target comfortable pants

There was a time I was looking for a pair of black wide-legged linen trousers. I never found any but I think my search has been edited so they are now these pants. They’re the same brand/material as the pants above (that I already love), so I think they’re a given!

Are you shopping for comfy stylish clothes right now? Shopping in general

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