5 Comfy Jumpsuits I’m Living in Right Now

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Talking all my favorite comfy jumpsuits today! Between these and maxi dresses, I’m had a pretty set “stay-at-home” uniform!

You know how the past five+ months of staying home all the time seemed initially like it would be a money-saving experience? No one was going to restaurants, we weren’t just wandering the aisles of Target days at a time, I mean, I haven’t been inside a store to shop since early March. 

And yet, I find myself looking at a stack of broken-down brown cardboard boxes with the Target or Amazon logos emblazoned on them and think…wait, what did I buy?

Honestly, a little bit of everything. Batteries, vacuum bags, vitamins, clothes for Indy, food, picture frames, etc., etc., ETC. 

Oh, and jumpsuits. I feel like I’ve bought a rather large-ish assortment of jumpsuits since all this staying home started.

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and see how this jumpsuit purchasing came about.

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5 Comfy Jumpsuits I’m Living in Right Now

1. Breathe ON Jumpsuit

Old Navy Breathe On Jumpsuit

It all started with this one back in early April. “Athleisure is all I’ll live in!”, I thought. Hence, the purchase of an athletic breathable (and wonderfully comfortable) jumpsuit.

*Buying Tip – Go with the “Tall” sizing if you want it to fit longer at the ankles.

2. Boucle-Knit Jumpsuit

Old Navy Boucle-Knit Jumpsuit - comfy jumpsuits

“If I’m buying one comfy jumpsuit, another seems reasonable. There. Now I’m set for jumpsuits for the duration of this odd time in life.” 

Or so I thought…

3. Polka Dot Jumpsuit

Scoop polka dot jumpsuit from Walmart

May rolled around and I felt optimistic about leaving the house soon. I found a printed jumpsuit at Walmart that looked fun and made an impulsive decision that it would be the first thing I wore for a fun time out! (Uh, still sitting in the closet.) I don’t regret my choice, just wonder if I’ll still like it when I can finally wear it! :)

Once summer temperatures arrived I had a slight move to the maxi dress-buying stage, but now that it’s August, I’m back on jumpsuits.

4. Green Stretchy Jumpsuit

Green Amazon Stretchy Jumpsuit - comfy jumpsuits

I got hooked by one of those “everyone is buying THIS jumpsuit on Amazon!!!” articles and decided to try it for myself. I now own two. This pretty green (and perfect for fall) one with sleeves and:

5. Burgundy Stretchy Jumpsuit

Burgundy Amazon Stretchy Jumpsuit- comfy jumpsuits

This sleeveless version that I’ll also wear into the fall. Both super comfy, easy to dress up or down, and excellent choices when your daily activities include driving your car somewhere you won’t get out of, or sitting on the couch in your parents’ house, as a change from your own couch. 

Overall, I’d say it’s been a good jumpsuit season. :)

Did you find yourself buying a particular clothing item over and over during the last few months? What was it?

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5 Comfy Jumpsuits to Try

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