Buying Bras for Hard to Find Sizes

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I know, the title of this article intrigued you so much, right? :) Bra-buying may not be the most exciting purchase you can make, but it’s still one critical to your overall look (not to mention, how you feel!). I’ve shared before how the proper undergarments set the foundation for your look and if you haven’t had a real bra fitting in a while I highly suggest you look into it! While every lady needs the right undergarments, I know that for some finding bras in your size can be tricky.

As someone who wears one of these hard-to-find sizes, I’m right there with you! I know what it’s like to not be able to buy a bra at Walmart, Target, or even Victoria’s Secret. (Which actually helps me fend off the pushy sales people. I simply tell them my size and they wander off after admitting they can’t help me.) I thought I’d share with you today a few sources I’ve found for bras in my size and maybe you will have some luck with them too!


black bra from Figleaves

Figleaves has become my go-to when buying bras. They carry over 200 brands and carry A-K size cups, which as you know most stores do not! A couple of my favorite brands to buy here are Freya and Fantasie.


The Dillards I frequent is the one at Penn Square in OKC. They’ve got a large lingerie department and trained employees who can take your measurements. This is where I went the first time I was properly fitted many years ago (and learned I was definitely wearing the wrong size!) and I do check them out now every time I’m looking to buy a new bra. They carry some of the same brands I like (I believe the past few Freya bras I’ve purchased were from there.) and I’ve even happened upon some sales in the past that included my size!


nude bra from ThirdLove

I’ve only purchased one bra from ThirdLove and by my own fault it wasn’t a great fit (they didn’t carry my exact size so I got something I thought would work). I should have taken the time to send it back and try until I found something that worked better but at the time I thought it was close enough. (It wasn’t, I was constantly spilling out over the cups and adjusting the bra.) They do carry some extended sizes, starting at a 32 band and going up to 46. And I will say that the overall comfort of the bra was wonderful, I’m hoping to try them again soon to get the right fit!

Now that I’m pregnant my size has fortunately changed in the direction of being able to purchase some bras from “regular” stores and I bought a bra last month at Target and was more excited than I probably should have been, ha! But if you are used to buying “special” sizes and paying the “special” price for them, then you get my excitement! Once the baby comes and I settle back into a bra size I will definitely head to Dillards again for a fitting and then go from there!

What are your go-to sources for bra-buying? Share!

Originally posted August 2, 2017

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  1. Sondra says:

    This post caught my attention because I was recently struggling with this. After noticing the curling of the cups underneath my garments, I purchased a bra from Thirdlove also. They recommended I go up slightly in band size to a size I’d never heard of – the result was slipping upwards and always tugging at it. I also should have sent it back, but it was “close enough”.

    I’ve been a Soma buyer in my adult years. They fitted me there for a bra that kept the girls in the middle and I’ve worn them out. I went back a week ago and they’ve discontinued the style. I started over with my main issue now being the lack of a smooth bra line in the back. I tried going up a band size and down a cup size – you name it. I tried it. It turns out my size remains the same as it did years ago, the bras have just lost shape over the years. I found some nice smoothing back bras on the sale rack myself for half price! Score!

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