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I know I’ve mentioned before my obsession with jackets. This carries over to winter coats as well. Since I live in a climate that stays pretty cold for several months I feel I can justify owning more than 1 (or in my case, many more) coats. 
When it’s cold outside, why would you NOT want to look great?  Really, tell me. I mean, most of the time people don’t even see what you have on underneath!  So lose the boring jacket and live a little!
Behold, my collection of coats:

coats group 1

From left to right,
1. I picked up this structured cape at Retropolitan in Edmond last summer, and even though I think it’s fantastic, I always forget to wear it! New goal for this month, wear the cape!
2. A classic black wool coat by Nine West. You can’t go wrong there.
3. One of my favorite pieces I’ve purchased EVER. I am constantly asked where I purchased this purple coat. (Kohls a few years back!)
4. I love this dark green wool coat by Guess. (Don’t tell my husband, but I used a gift card we received as a wedding present to buy this. Oops.)
5. Another fantastic find, this green Victorian style is actually a little sparkly and I ADORE it. I picked this Betsy Johnson coat up in a vintage store last time I was in LA!
Oh don’t worry, we aren’t done.

coats 2

1. This black lightweight trench is by Jessica Simpson and is probably the coat I wear the most!  It’s easy to dress up but also looks great with jeans!
2. I saw this gold jacket at Kohls a few years back and told my friend Kelsey that it would be perfect for her! And then I decided it was perfect for me too!
3. Another of my favorite purchases ever, this periwinkle coat from Nordstrom I bought a couple years back. This is my absolute favorite color and I love, love, LOVE THIS COAT.
I mean, I should probably be embarrassed, but I am not. And I’m not done buying coats! The newest addition to my collection? I picked this up on my birthday!

Kenneth Cole Reaction


How PERFECT is this coat?!?  This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s the only one I could find online! It’s a gorgeous shade of cranberry/burgundy and has these little leather side buckles. The lines are cut perfectly and the fit is great. (And it was 40% off at Dillards! I don’t see it online, but they have it in-store. Macy’s carries it online but it did cost more.)
A few tips for coat-buying:
1. After Christmas is the perfect time to buy if you are looking for a great deal!
2. Don’t hide under it! Sure it may be 20 below out there, but unless you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period of time, say a sporting event or watching the Macy’s Parade in person, leave the shapeless parkas at home. Find a coat that flatters your figure!
3. Grab a couple (at least)! You don’t wear the same shirt every day, so why wear the same coat? 
4. You don’t have to spend a ton to find a great fitting coat. Find a good quality coat in your price range and take care of it!
5. A great fitting coat will instantly pull you together. Look for structure and shape in whatever style you prefer. You’ll look great (no matter what you’re wearing underneath!)
Here are a few more coats for your viewing pleasure. (Click the photo for individual item info.)



Stay warm out there! And head to my Facebook page today to enter a giveaway!





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