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Birthday Recap!

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I celebrated my 31st birthday a week ago and had a fabulous day! When my brothers and I were kids, my parents always put a present by the bed to open when we first woke up on our birthdays. And yes, I do make my husband carry on this tradition. See what a good job he did?


I usually spend my birthday doing some shopping with my mom and this year was no different!  We started the day at Dry/Shop where my usual boring hair got a pick me up. I totally meant to get a photo there and forgot!
I highly recommend you start your day (any day) this way. Getting a scalp massage while having your hair washed, then having your hair dried and then curled is so relaxing! I probably could have taken a nap right after, but I had things to do!
Oh, I did pick up this top before I left (actually my mom bought it for me!) This picture isn’t great, the top is pretty fantastic in person!

Dex Silver Snake Top

With fantastic hair, I figured a makeover was in order!  I headed to Sephora where I had made an appointment for a custom makeover.  (Free with a $50 minimum purchase) I’ve NEVER had a hard time spending $50 at Sephora so I figured I might as well get a new look!
We covered everything from cleanser and eye creams and worked our way through foundation, eye shadow, blush, eye brows, and lips. The eye makeup took me a bit to get used to as I typically go for a more “natural” look. (As natural as eye shadow, concealer, eye liner, and mascara can be, right?) She added some brighter green and showed me how to do a REAL application, as opposed to me just rubbing a brush back and forth a bit.
I ended up buying a few things and will probably go back soon for some more! A couple of the things I bought:

Urban Decay Naked Flush

This Urban Decay palette provides everything you need for cheeks – bronzer, blush, and highlighter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills in Ash Blonde

I’m pretty particular about my eyebrows. While they don’t require much upkeep (I just tweeze here and there to keep them clean) I do find them to be a little on the thin side, something I always notice in photos! I generally use a cheap-y eyebrow pencil to fill in but I feel like it sometimes looks a little unnatural. This pencil, however, is fantastic! I love it!
And, since I promised more pictures, here you go:

photo 2

Um, I refuse to call this a “selfie” even though the elements are all there. This is just me documenting some awesome hair and fancy makeup in the dressing room while my mom was trying on some jeans. (No offense if you love taking selfies, I like seeing yours!)
We shopped a little and then met up with my sister-in-law and two nephews for a quick snack in the food court, followed by some video game playing:
photo (2)
Sweetest little guys ever.


After a couple more stops with my mom, I met my husband for dinner and came home to a pretty bouquet of flowers:

 photo (4)

A pretty great birthday I’d say! And in true “Jamie’s Birthday” fashion, I wasn’t through celebrating! Check back tomorrow for the recap of my shopping weekend in Dallas!

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