Best Buys of 2013

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I’m totally stealing (borrowing, really) this idea from another blog, but I wanted to do a post of some of my favorite purchases from 2013. (They aren’t all fashion related either!) Here are some items that made my life a little easier, prettier, and much more exciting!


Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill “Leslie” Satchel

Kate Spade Leslie Cobble

This was not a planned purchase, though I had intended to purchase either a “nice” bag or pair of shoes in 2013 (as part of my turning 30 list). I took a trip to Kansas City last April to meet up with my BF Kelsey for a little shopping/relaxing weekend. We had a marvelous time shopping, getting our hair cut, and watching about 14 ridiculously cheesy movies. One little shopping jaunt took us by a Kate Spade store where I just happened upon this bag. Though it was on sale, it was definitely the most money I’ve ever spent on a bag (or any item of clothing, for that matter), but I will tell you it was worth every. single. penny.
I used to buy some black $40 bag every year and would carry it until the straps were peeling or cracking. This bag looks brand new still after carrying it almost every day!


Banana Republic “Fran” Pleated Skirt



You may recognize this skirt from some previous posts and it definitely makes the list of my favorite purchases for the year.  I picked this up last January in Dallas and have been able to wear it in every season. It looks great with a chambray, a white tank, a dressy black top, a printed blouse, with tights and a sweater, etc. Seriously, I’ve worn it a lot! (I even loved the style so much I made a dark purple one for myself!)


Kate Spade “Cueva Rosa” Stud Earrings

Kate Spade Cueva Rosa Stud Earrings

Yes, Kate Spade made the list again. Technically, these were a gift from my husband for my 30th birthday, but since I picked them out, I’m counting it.  “Diamond” studs are my go-to earrings most days. And these are super sparkly and the perfect size. Another purchase that has held up great for over the year that I’ve had them.


IKEA Expedit Shelving Unit

IKEA Expedit Bookcase




Not fashion related, but not only does this help divide my long living/dining room, It’s great for my collection of fashion books. Plus, I LOVE building these things. I’m sure I’m in the minority but I love it!  I actually just purchased another one (this one has four shelves) and I can’t wait to put it together! 


Bernina 330

bernina 330


After sewing on a Kenmore for the past almost 10 years it was time to upgrade. I bit the bullet and purchased this on my 30th birthday. This machine runs incredibly well and I love it.  (And it goes in the closet when we have tornado warnings!)


Passport Renewal!



I just renewed my passport and I fully plan on putting it to use in a few months! More details on that soon!
Did you make any great purchases in 2013?






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  1. Lauren says:

    We just got Jude a passport! A great purchase with a bright future ;)

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