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Bauble Bar

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Not exactly new, but definitely worth talking about. Bauble Bar offers some AMAZING pieces. (With pretty great prices!)

Here are some pieces I love, and how I’d style them!


gold crystal mesh collar bauble bar


This crystal mesh collar? Gorgeous. And $44.


Blue Dress with Collar necklace



This Fireball Pendant adds the perfect pop of color ($36)

Fireball Pendant


I’d pair with a casual outfit to take it up a few notches.

Bauble Bar Fireball Pendant with jeans and tee



These Penta Studs ($28) could be worn a million ways. With your favorite t-shirt, or your best dress.


Penta Studs


How chic is this look?  

White dress with Penta studs Bauble Bar



This Slim XO Cuff goes with everything ($28) Wear it alone, or pile it on with some other bracelets.

Bauble Bar XO Cuff

White and Red and XO slim cuff



I’m really into rings lately and these look great together. ($46 and $22)


Orange skirt with rings

Something else amazing? Every Monday and Friday Bauble Bar secretly marks down one item to $10 and $20, respectively. They then offer clues on where to find it. (Don’t worry, they’re easy to find!)

There are so many more gorgeous pieces I want to show you but it would probably be more efficient to just look for yourself!  Check it out here and let me know what you find!

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