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5 Chic Diaper Bags I’d Carry

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My mission? Find a diaper bag that doesn’t look like one! I’ve found a few trendy baby changing bags that might do the trick!

Ah, diaper bags. Everyone’s favorite subject. :) 

But really, if you’ve got a kid, they’re kind of necessary. Now, I know there are people out there who throw a diaper in their clutch and go about their merry way, but that’s not my MO. I definitely need a large bag to carry all the things – diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, snacks, etc. 

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The bag I started carrying with Indy I’m still carrying to this day! (So, it’s going on three years now!) It was a reversible tote bag I picked it up for around $20 at a local store and I just added a cheap diaper bag organizer to the inside to keep things a little more easy to find. 

Does it still serve it’s purpose? Yes. Do I just kind of want something different this time around? Yes. :)

Now, considering we don’t really go anywhere right now (and probably won’t still for a bit) I’m not on too big of a time crunch. I thought I’d just start browsing to see what’s out there!

Carrying around this gold bag has been fun, but I think I want something chic and black this time around. Here are my criteria:

  • doesn’t look like a diaper bag at first glance
  • black
  • easy to clean (obviously)
  • lots of room -either with organization or will fit my diaper caddy insert
  • Under $200 – ideally a LOT under, but this time around I’m wiling to pay a bit more if it’s something I know I’ll want to carry/use, even post-baby

Here are a few trendy baby changing bags I’ve found that look more like regular bags than the diaper-variety, which is kind of the #1 requirement on my list!

5 Trendy Baby Changing Bags I’d Carry

trendy baby changing bags

1. Kate Spade New York Dawn Nylon Diaper Bag

Well, clearly we need to start off with some Kate Spade! I started off looking at their website and only saw a Disney-inspired one, but there are still some past season models available elsewhere. 

kate spade trendy baby changing bags

Kate Spade Diaper Tote

This is a nylon bag (easy to clean!) that looks big enough to carry all my essentials. It has a changing pad, lots of pockets, and straps for hanging on your stroller. Is it cheap? No, but Nordstrom rack has it for about 50% off of the original retail price. Considering I’ve been carrying my current bag for this long, I think the cost per wear would work in my favor. 

2. Honest Baby Convertible Faux Leather Diaper Tote

I know it’s been trendy to carry backpacks lately but I don’t know if that’s really “me” or not. This tote has convertible straps so you can try it though! 

honest baby trendy baby changing bags

Honest Baby Convertible Diaper Tote

I like the leather look and it has a work-bag vibe that I’m into. Again, not the $20 price from my last bag, but I could see myself carrying this for a long time, even post-baby, if it holds up.

 3. Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible Diaper Backpack

Another convertible bag to backpack option, this one comes from Target (and the price is a little lower than those first two).

Skip Hop Diaper Bag - JK Style

Skip Hop Convertible Diaper Backpack

I like the look of this one and even though it looks to have plenty of storage room inside, still doesn’t look too diaper bag-y. :)

4. mommore Diaper Bag Tote

Mommore Diaper Bag Tote - JK Style

mommore Diaper Bag Tote

I figured Amazon would have some good affordable options and this black tote bag fits my criteria. It’s nothing super fancy, but from the outside it looks like a black tote while it features 10 pockets in the main compartment, two side pockets for bottles, hidden stroller hooks and is easy to clean.

5. Beis Diaper Bag

Beis Trendy Baby Changing Bags

Beis – The Diaper Bag in Black (also comes in Beige)

Um, is this the diaper bag of my dreams? I think so.

The Beis brand has been on my radar for a bit and when I saw they now made diaper bags, I had to check it out. This bag is billed as the “anti-diaper diaper bag” and I’d say that’s an appropriate description. 

It’s super functional with changing pad, pockets, an odor-proof pouch, interchangeable straps (including stroller straps) and more. And can we talk about how chic it is? Those gold chain straps. That shiny (vegan) leather surface. 

Beis diaper bag - JK Style

One cool thing about this bag is that it’s also travel-friendly with a laptop sleeve and trolley sleeve to attach to a suitcase. 


I think I want this one. But let me know what you think before I take the plunge!! 

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