10 Casual Dresses from Amazon You’ll Wear All the Time

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If you’re tired of the same t-shirt/leggings combo, Amazon dresses: casual edition to the rescue!

From mid-May to early September I flat out refuse to wear jeans. Women’s jeans are hot, tight, and well, hot. I cannot do it.

What I can do however, is wear the heck out of some easy dresses. And I do.

I own a lot of easy, casual dresses, perfect for errand-running, outside gatherings, or just lounging about the house as I hear some people do. (My children prefer I don’t lounge, thankyouverymuch.) 

I thought recently about all the fun and easy dresses I’ve found on Amazon over the last few years and while a few of these are in my closet, I’ve found some more worth checking out.

If you’re in need of a few new update pieces to help you rotate out of sweats and jeans (ugh), this Amazon Dresses: Casual Edition is for you!

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Amazon Dresses: Casual Edition

Amazon dresses casual on JK Style

First, you may be thinking, “Why dresses? Why can’t I just wear my favorite t-shirt and leggings and call it a day?”

Well, dearest reader, you certainly can do that (you do you), BUT, let me tell you a secret.

Dresses are the easiest and comfiest way to get dressed and LOOK LIKE YOU TRIED when all you did was slip a dress over your head and called it a day.

I’m all for easy, effortless style and dresses let you do just that! Let’s check out a few options:

1. The Classic Sleeveless Maxi Dress

black maxi dress from Amazon

This is very similar to the black maxi dress I wear alllllll the time. Summer, fall, whatever the season or occasion, I’ve found a way to style it. In fact, I even shared 10 ways to style it!

2. The Easy Dress I Own in Two Prints (and Want More!)

Amazon dresses casual - JK Style

tie-dye maxi dress from Amazon

I rotate these pretty heavily all summer long. (And wearing a medium, for reference.) They’re perfect for days I’m outside a lot, and in fact, I’ve been taking one to use as my beach cover-up on my last few trips.  The fabric is great, not thin and clingy, but not too thick or warm.

Not a fan of either of those styles? No worries, the dress comes in 41 different prints. (Not kidding!)

3. Perfect As-Is, or Layered

casual dress from Amazon

I bought this dress last fall but haven’t worn it yet! (I bought it in the deep green shade.) I plan to pair mine with a black moto jacket this fall. I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this dress, the fabric feels pretty lux! 

4. Sleeveless Loose Pocket Dressombre casual dress - JK Style

This is the kind of dress that is perfect for hot weather and you’re in luck. In true Amazon form, it comes in 39 prints so you’re bound to find something you like!

5. Plus Size Tiered Midi Dress

Amazon dresses: casual edition


This tiered number comes in five fall-friendly shades and will easily elevate your look! 

6. The Classic Maxi Dress 

Amazon dresses casual

Do I own this dress in multiple colors? Yes, yes, I do (turquoise, dark green, and burgundy). It works for summer, it works for fall, it works for whatever you want it to. And yes, it comes in 41 styles/prints/colors. 

7. T-Shirt Dress

Amazon dresses casual - JK Style

It doesn’t get much more casual (or more cute) than an easy t-shirt dress. Great now, and great later when you can pair it with tights and a denim jacket.

8. Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Amazon dresses casual

Kind of loving this one, and the color just happens to be my favorite! (And yes, it comes in lots of other colors.)

9. Midi Button-Front Tie Dress

 Midi button front dress from Amazon

This is giving me strong teacher-vibes, so I don’t know if it’s as casual as some of the others, but still a cute option! 

10. Casual Tie Waist Dress

Amazon dresses casual on JK Style

Always love a belted look! I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but if it’s yours, this is a cute option. I like the stripes but there’s other patterns and colors too!

That’s a wrap on my current favorite casual dresses from Amazon! See any you need to own? See any you already do own? Let me know!


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