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For Mother’s Day this year I wanted some new workout clothes. I like to do yoga or Pilates at home, or use the elliptical, but where I do most of my activity is going on walks. 

My uniform is pretty much the same each time – black yoga pants or joggers, one of three different gray t-shirts, and old sneakers. Why gray t-shirts? I don’t own a ton of tees, but my “good” sports bras are all dark colored, meaning all white/light colored shirts won’t work too well.

It was time for a little bit of a refresh here and thought Mother’s Day was a good excuse to get a couple new things to try.

I got two new shirts and a pair of sneakers, along with a beige sports bra too, so already I’ve doubled my options!

Affordable Workout Clothes

target work out clothes - affordable workout clothes

The top is from the All in Motion line and I went with the gray/metallic. It’s split on the sides which you can leave open or tie (as shown here). It still exposes my stomach which isn’t really what I’m going for right now, so I think I can stitch up the seam a little so it can still be tied and not open. The thing I didn’t realize when I bought the shirt was that it’s more of a racerback fit so I have to wear certain bras to keep my straps from showing. I wish it had more of a traditional fit at the shoulders, but still, I like the print so much I think I’ll keep it! 

These are my new Native Shoes sneakers, which were a good purchase at just $29. I’d say they’re more a traditional casual sneaker than an actual athletic shoe. For a super long walk I don’t know how they’d hold up but for just a mile or two at a time they’re doing fine. They’re a good alternate for when I’m not feeling my clunky white sneakers. :) 

target work out clothes - affordable workout clothes

I also got this JoyLab top in Stone. They have a few other color options too. This one is really flowy and comfy in the heat, and even though it’s got a bit of a split on both sides my stomach is still covered – the split ends about where the top of my pants hit. 

Overall I’m happy with my new affordable workout clothes and feel a little more stylish as I stroll the streets with my stroller. :)

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affordable workout clothes - JK Style

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