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10 Affordable Tie Dye Skirts to Wear this Summer

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I’m kind of loving the tie dye trend this year and I keep trying to find fun ways to incorporate it into my summer wardrobe! These affordable tie dye skirts would make a great addition!

When I posted this photo on social media last week you all went nuts for it! 

Trendsend box review - JK Style

This was an outfit from my last Trendsend box. Maybe it was the Tim McGraw t-shirt, maybe it was the cute combo of skirt and knotted shirt, or maybe (no, it definitely was) the adorable blue and green tie dye skirt that everyone, myself included, loved.

It was a super cute skirt, but at $78 it was a little more than I wanted to spend. Well, that, and it was a little bit too clingy for my preference. :)

I wanted to see if I could find some cheaper alternatives and thought you might want to see them too!

Here are 10 cute and affordable tie dye skirt you’ll want to wear all summer long. Use the arrows to scroll through and if you see one you like, click directly on the photo to check it out!

10 Affordable Tie Dye Skirts


OK, which one of these affordable tie dye skirts do you need ASAP? I think for me it might be that yellow and white one, or the black and white one, either one I could see myself wearing a lot. 

Paired with a simple tank or t-shirt for now and a denim or moto jacket later, I could wear them well into the fall. 

Tell me which ones you love!

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