The Neon Trend 2020 is ALL About (and 10 Affordable Pieces)

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On Saturday something kind of momentous happened. I read an entire magazine in one sitting. I can’t remember the last time that happened. And I can’t even blame that on Indy, it seems like over the past few years it’s been harder and harder for me to sit down and read in general so I was pretty psyched about this development.

When I say I read I magazine, I don’t just mean flipped through all the pages. (Well, I did do this initially as Indy and I have a routine of flipping through all magazines and catalogs to look for pictures of dogs.) :) I actually sat and READ. Every article, every photo caption; it was delightful!

I’ve pared down my magazine subscriptions over the years (hard to justify getting them when I don’t have time to read them!) and InStyle is one that has stuck. They cover all the usual fashion mag things but also usually include some under-$100 pieces in their clothing selections, which I appreciate. (Though I will say it seems their overall price-point is going up and up…)

Anyway, my point is, I got to read the February issue and one of the things that caught my eye was a trend report on neon colors. I don’t really own any neon shades, though I have nothing against them. I liked the selection of items they chose for the layout, but wondered what else I could find at a lower price point.

My Neon Inspiration

neon trend 2020

Here are 10 neon items I found for under $50. Actually, let me clarify. 8 of the items are under the $30 range (there are several under $25) but there’s only one that’s actually near $50. 

I’ve got styling ideas for each piece, including other colors to pair them with, so helpfully it helps spark some more ideas and gets you excited for fashion in 2020!

Making the Neon Trend of 2020 Work For You

I found 10 affordable neon pieces, perfect for trying out one of 2020's hottest trends.

Anything on that list make you want to try the neon trend 2020 is all about? I think this is one trend I am excited to try this year!

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neon trend 2020

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