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You’d think being stuck at home for the past two months would have limited my shopping abilities, but worry not, online shopping has been kind to me. :) Here are some affordable fashion buys I’ve added to my closet!

You already know I’m a sucker for advertising. I see something cute pop up in my Facebook feed or on Pinterest and I’m clicking away. At least when it comes to spending money I’m fairly cheap! :) 

You already know I bought some cozy jumpsuits, but here are some of the other things I’ve purchased over the past two months of only online shopping. Not all of them were hits, so at some point I’ll be making a return or two!

I showed you last week some of the beauty purchases I’ve made, but here are a few clothing and shoe purchases that have happened lately!

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My 7 Affordable Fashion Buys of Quarantine

1. This tie-dye dress

blue tie dye dress from Target - affordable fashion buys

I had this dress in a post a while back and really liked the pink version. By the time the dress was on sale (it was just $14 at the time!) the pink was no longer available so I went with the blue, which I’m quite happy with. It’s very comfortable and will be a great dress to have this summer. 

2. This polka dot jumpsuit

Scoop polka dot jumpsuit from Walmart - affordable fashion buys

I kind of went out on a limb here and bought this polka dot jumpsuit from Walmart. (Yes, Walmart!) It’s not something I’d normally go for but I think it’s kind of fun! I think it’s a keeper.

3. This leopard print dress

scoop leopard print dress from Walmart

Along with the jumpsuit I added this leopard print dress to my cart, mostly just to see what it would look like on. I’m not a big leopard person (though I did buy a skirt last fall, remember?). I know lots of people love their leopard print but I think for me, this is just too much. Much too much. The dress is still available though if you’re into it!

Just not me!

4. These go-with-everything shoes

black Old Navy sandals

Black Version

brown sandals from Old Navy

Chocolate Version

My go-to pairs of black and brown sandals that were purchased several years ago have definitely seen better days. After I bought those jumpsuits from Old Navy I had some of their Super Cash to spend so I used it to get these new sandals! 

5. These sneakers

Native Shoes

This was my Mother’s Day gift to myself (wait, have I used that line before?). I go on lots (and lots) of walks with Indy and every time I put on my super old sneakers I wish I had something just a little more chic. This pair fit the bill and they were just $29! 

6. This kimono

Cora Tie Dye Ruana from Evereve

OK, so this was kind of my other Mother’s Day gift to myself (hey, it was cheap with free shipping!). I love a good kimono and this purple printed one is so great. Most that I have are darker colors and I’m loving this lighter shade for spring and summer. 

7. This bag

kate spade frosted lilac laurel way addison

OK, this one I added last night. Kate Spade’s been having their big Surprise sale again (things up to 75% off) and every day I check my email to see what special deal they have going on. Yesterday this bag was on sale for $79 and since I had a gift card left from my birthday (thanks, in-laws!), I thought I’d get the frosted lilac version. This has always been one of my favorite colors and I know I’m going to love it! 

Between the gift card, the Old Navy Super Cash, and the fact that I’m going to return the leopard print dress, I really didn’t spend all that much money on these affordable fashion buys, ha! OK, now you tell me, what have you been buying?

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affordable fashion buys - JK Style

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