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Real Girls, Real Style: Susan, Take 2!

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When I decided to start re-visiting some of the “Real Girls, Real Style” series, I reached out to the girls to let them know they could update their profiles or do completely new ones if they wanted to! Susan took me up on the offer and we’ve got a brand new style profile for her! Everyone, meet Susan! (And check out her original profile here.)

Real Girls, Real Style Susan

About Susan

My name is Susan and I live in Moore, Oklahoma with my wonderful husband Caleb. I have a step- daughter who is absolutely lovely named Trinity who loves shopping just as much as I do. We have four sweet dog (children) I could not possibly live without. I spend my days selling wine at a boutique style shop in South Oklahoma City and I spend my evenings helping my husband with our catering business Taste Culinary Innovation, baking, recycling, and rescuing dogs. I’m currently obsessed with Groupon, Uptown Cheapskate, and Home Goods.

1. What is the last clothing/accessories item you purchased? 


The last thing I bought was this grey faux fur vest by Forever 21. I have it styled here with a long sleeve black shirt and jeans but I think it would look great with a dress as well. I tend to buy pieces that a lot of my friends would shy away from and I think this vest is definitely on that list although they assure me that it works for my style. This vest clasps all the way up the front and I’ve considered wearing it as a dress belted with a wide belt. I can see my friends faces shrieking in horror but I think it works for me.

2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

Real Style Susan peplum dress

Currently my favorite closet items are peplum dresses with blazers belted and bright shoes. Peplum dresses may not be everyone’s choice but they fit my body shape well. They’ve been a staple in my closet for several years and I don’t see myself getting rid of them any time soon.

3. What fashion trend do you just not get?

The fashion trend I don’t get and never will is tights or leggings as pants. Please ladies put on something else. And can crocs please go somewhere to die?

4. What clothing/accessories item is on your shopping list?

Currently on my shopping list, I’m looking for the right fall boots. I tend to wear high heeled booties but unfortunately they get uncomfortable too quickly. I’d love to find a not too tall pair with a not too chunky heel. I’d love to provide a picture but if I could find a picture of some I liked I’d buy them immediately!

5. Where would you go on a dream shopping spree?

My dream shopping spree would probably be weeks in Europe just hopping from shop to shop but that might have something to do with being in Europe for weeks 😋

My outfit of choice

Real Style Susan Outfit of Choice

I’m definitely a dress and heels girl. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I do carry big bags to make up for it! I think dresses are my favorite go to because they are effortless and I don’t get to wear things like this daily because of work so I love wearing outfits like this when I have a chance.

My dream outfit

Real Style Susan Dream outfit

Is there any woman alive who didn’t obsess over this dress the second this movie came out? I would love to not only own this piece but to be able to pull it off as well.

Love Susan’s style! Leave a comment and let her know! And if you’d like to be considered for “Real Girls, Real Style”, send me an email!

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