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Real Girls, Real Style – Marianne

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Taking a look back at Marianne’s style profile today! Her profile was originally published May 6, 2014, but good style never expires, right?

JK Stylers (Can I call you that?), meet Marianne!

Real girls real style 2

About Marianne:


My name is Marianne and I am a Jersey Girl originally from Staten Island, New York.  I am a Speech Pathologist at an elementary school by day and a fashion blogger by night! Sounds glamorous, I know.  My blog is called “Good Girl Gone Glam”  ( and I blog  about my personal style in hope of inspiring my readers to try new trends, find good deals, and step out of their comfort zone all while adding a little glam to their day. When I am not working or blogging, you can find me on the couch knitting next to my favorite Cockapoo, Mumford, online shopping, or reading a great book.
 I was super excited when Jamie asked me to be a part of her “Real Girls, Real Style” piece on her blog and I am ready to fulfill my duties!


Style Survey:

1. What was the last item of clothing you purchased? 

This changes on a daily because I am always picking up things here and there, but the last thing I bought was Lipstick Colored Hunter Wellies! I have two other pairs but in more neutral colors. These scream “Here I am and it’s raining!” 

Lipstick Hunter Boots


2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

 I cannot answer this question because once I deem something as my “favorite”, I spill wine on it, shrink it in the wash, or write on it with a pen.  Here are a few of my favorite things: Michael Kors Hamiton Tote Bag Navy, Statement Necklace custom made on Etsy, Pink J.Crew Quilted Vest, and Leopard Maxi Skirt.

Favorite Things

3. What trend do you just not get?

Shoulder pads.  They were big in the 80’s and I just don’t understand why they have come back.

4. What’s on your shopping list?

I am dying to get my hands navy and white striped pumps! They are a great staple for the spring/summer!

5. Where would you go on a dream shopping spree?

Oh boy! My first stop would be Zara, then J.Crew, then Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.  This question makes me want to go out and buy a lottery ticket!

Outfit of Choice:

Daytime Outfit

I chose one of my favorite daytime looks that is great for transitioning into spring! This sweater from the loft is perfect because it’s thick enough to wear in the winter, but bright enough to give the feeling of spring! I paired this sweater with my new Lia Sophia statement necklace, clutch from Express, and my patent leather pumps, all with a nude hue to let the yellow do all the talking! The navy trench coat gives a great contrast to the sweater, not to mention yellow and navy are one of my favorite color combinations! This look is great for a lunch date with some friends or for a casual date night with that special fellow!

Thank you so much Marianne! I love what you put together and your style! (And  I’m pretty sure a lot of you are loving that leopard maxi skirt, right?) Make sure you check out her blog, Good Girl Gone Glam!

If you’d like to be considered for “Real Girls, Real Style”, send me an email:

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  1. Girls, I am still on the hunt. I found a pair in pay less but they werent comfortable. I will yell from the trees when I find them! I look all the time!

    Thanks for the interview Jamie! xo


    1. Loved having you! I’ll be checking out your site from now on too!

  2. What a fun feature on Marianne! It was great getting to know her a little better, and I’ll be watching to see if she finds those perfect striped pumps- that sounds so cute. :)
    Gina — On the Daily Express

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gina! I hope Marianne will share a pic of those shoes if she finds some!!

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