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Real Girls, Real Style – Layna

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So happy to have Layna on the blog today!!

Real girls real style 2

About Layna:

bio pic

My name is Layna Edd. I am a 30 something born and raised Okie. My areas of focus in life are health & wellness. I am currently completing my 200 hr RYT certification. I love to be outside in nature when it’s not sweltering hot or frigidly cold. I also love to travel, cook, and pretend to be artistic at times.


Style Survey:

1. What was the last item of clothing you purchased? 

As I mentioned, I am currently completing my 200 hr RYT certification so it only makes sense that my last clothing purchase be yoga related. I purchased these organic yoga pants in deep purple from LVR Fashion.

organic cuffed leggings

2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

My favorite item for the workday, would have to be these 2 skirts. I love skirts and dresses with pockets – they mix femininity and functionality.


skirt 2

3. What trend do you just not get?

I’m pretty open minded when it comes to fashion. I tend to lean towards anything goes, and if you feel comfortable and confident then yes, please do. But I don’t get high heeled sneakers. Where and why are they doing that?

nike high heels sneakers

nike high heels

4. What’s on your shopping list?

Flesh toned pumps 

5. Where would you go on a dream shopping spree?

Zara. While it may not be that glamorous, I would go there while on a fabulous European vacation. 


Outfit of Choice:

Daytime Outfit 
Layna Daytime Outfit

Love that last look! Very classic and fun! Thanks to Layna for sharing with us this week!! If you love her style be sure to let her know by leaving a comment here!

If you’d like to be considered for “Real Girls, Real Style”, send me an email:

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