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Real Girls, Real Style – Brenna

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Today’s featured “Real Girl” is Brenna! I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Real girls real style 2

About Brenna:


I’m currently back to living in Minco again. I just graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in December with a master’s degree in management and marketing. While I am job searching, I have been working to build up my side businesses … B.Davis Photography and Design and Frilly Farm Designs. I do a little bit of freelance design work, writing, jewelry making, newborn photography, family photography, event photography – a little bit of everything and I substitute teach when I can. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, taking landscape photos and shopping, of course. 

I have always been pretty tight with my money (I get it from my great-grandma) and I don’t love spending a ton of money on one particular clothing item. I do splurge every once in a while, but it is not super often. So, the places I tend to stick to when shopping include Old Navy, Target, Maurice’s and JCPenny’s (for professional clothing). Confession: I buy a lot of clothes from Wal-Mart. Yes, you read that right. Wal-Mart. I tend to stick with just basics from Wal-Mart. For example, leggings, jean shorts, fitted long sleeve shirts, athletic shorts, chambray shirts, etc. Most of the time people don’t even notice unless I tell them and often I get compliments on my outfits and I’m like “Oh really? It’s all from Wal-Mart!” The looks on their faces are awesome, but I feel I get a better deal and that is what matters to me.


Style Survey:

1. What was the last item of clothing you purchased? 

The last item I bought was a pair of nude wedges from Payless and a couple of statement necklaces from Dustee’s. Payless was having a sale and I ended up paying $8 for the shoes. I was ecstatic. I’m ready for my friend’s bridal brunch now. I love shopping at Dustee’s for jewelry because it is a decent price for look-a-like designer necklaces. If you haven’t noticed, I typically don’t buy anything unless it is on sale, I have a coupon or I generally feel like it is a good deal … And, I generally feel like Dustee’s jewelry is a good deal!




2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

While I am a sucker for blazers, I would say my favorite item in my closet is this leopard chiffon top I got from Old Navy last year (on sale for $9 too)! I love it because it is easy to dress up or dress down! I wear it often … work, church, night out, photography jobs, etc.

brenna leopard

Pink blazer from Gordman’s, Leopard chiffon top from Old Navy, Black skinny jeans from Walmart and black flats from Payless.

3. What trend do you just not get?

There are two things that I don’t understand- first, is women’s overalls. I just have no words for that! I did used to have some when I was younger, but now I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Secondly, socks and heels. The only thing I can say for both is yikes!

trends she hates

4. What’s on your shopping list?

The next item on my shopping list is a simple white blazer … I would also take a chunky gold necklace like the one pictured too! 
white blazer

5. Where would you go on a dream shopping spree?

I would say Kate Spade. Yep, for sure Kate Spade.


Outfit of Choice:

Daytime Outfit:
day outfit

Shoes from Payless, Black patent leather flats from Payless, Chambray shirt from Old Navy, Black skinny jeans from Wal-Mart and orange infinity scarf from The Funky Trunk-West in Yukon.

A “night out” outfit:

night outfit

I am a fan of simple so this is something I would wear if I was going out! And, I have all of these compontents, so don’t be surprised if you see me in this! Haha


Dream Outfit:

dream outfit


I have always been a fan of hounds tooth and I have always wanted a hounds tooth dress! And, this jacket is to die for! I have always wanted leather gloves too! I used to have some, but lost them a couple of moves ago!

Thank you to Brenna for her post!  If you love her style, leave a comment! And make sure you check out her blog (and her jewelry and the other fun things she makes!)

If you’d like to be considered for”Real Girls, Real Style”, send me an email:

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  1. Lori Hendrix says:

    I just adore Brenna! I always love her style! :)

    1. Me too!

  2. I have a hounds tooth dress that I adore! It’s a great investment!

    1. I agree! Very classic!

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