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Real Girls, Real Style – Aisling

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Taking a look back at some “Real Girls, Real Style” profiles from the past few years! I am happy to have Aisling today on the JK Style! If you love her style, make sure you comment and let her know! (Originally published May 8, 2014)

Real girls real style 2

About Aisling:


I am currently 20 years old and in final year of college. I am an English major from Ireland. My favourite places to shop are H&M and, for jewelry, thrift stores or vintage stores. I am an avid reader – hence the English major – currently re-reading the Harry Potter series. It is only in the last few years that I have discovered a love for fashion. Obsession for fashion. It’s become an obsession as much as writing is. I’ve had to stop myself from walking into the city because I know that if I do I will come home with a bunch of stuff I neither need nor can afford. I have two blogs: one is based on fashion – The Fashion Side of Life; the other is more for pop culture. I am a HUGE movie buff and get a lot of my fashion inspiration from films or TV shows.


Style Survey:

1. What was the last item of clothing you purchased? 

My roomates’ birthday was a few weekends ago and for the occasion I bought a few really cute necklaces for about €6 that can go with anything. They are different sized so I clipped them together to make one necklace of three varying lengths. Because it’s exam month I decided to buy a few key pieces: dresses to easily change into in the mornings so I can run to the library to get a seat and a gorgeous bag. 

previous purchases

2. What is your favorite item in your closet?

I have a beautiful pair of Blue Suede heels in brogues styles. One of the only times I have ever bought a pair of shoes that look great but are a bit of a pain to walk in. My mom and I went on a shopping detour when we were on our way to a bachelorette party. I only wear them if there is a guarantee that I’ll be sitting down for a REALLY long time and that they won’t get dirty or anything. I wore them to an apartment Christmas dinner in the apartment just for an excuse to wear them and I wore them a friend’s birthday party and people just kept trying to step on them. It was not a smart move that night.

I also have a tweed jacket that my parents got me for Christmas. It has a pocket on the inside and suede elbow pads. Easily the best Christmas present ever.


3. What trend do you just not get?

I don’t think that there is one. I’m very easy going when it comes to trends. I usually see something that I really like in all trends. That being said, I will admit that when I was recently scouring the internet for outfit ideas I came across beanies with ‘SELFIE’ written on the front. I like graphics and I kinda get when clothes have ‘GEEK’ written on them but I just get so lost when I see SELFIES. It could just be me and my absolute abhor for the word.

4. What’s on your shopping list?

There are so many.

  • Knit dress from H&M – this is on my wishlist. It screams boho to me. Usually I wouldn’t be gone on something so white and easily destroyed but I don’t think I would want the dress in any other colour.
  • High waisted skinny jeans.
  • MyKitsch hair ties are supposed to be AMAZING- my hair ties always get stretched – and they do lovely bun ins as well.
5. Where would you go on a dream shopping spree?

New York. Or California. I can imagine walking into H&M or Forever 21 in a big city like LA or NY and never wanting to leave. And probably swooning going into the vintage shops. At the moment I’m fawning over Gypsy Junkies so I would probably spend a copious amount of cash in there as well. I’m afraid I have a minor addiction.


Outfit of Choice:

outfit 1

This incorporates my current obsession with cropped pants at the moment.


outfit 2

 I still love this look even though I posted it about a year ago.  Perfect for autumn/winter.

Thank you to Aisling for sharing with us today!!

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