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Perfect Girls Weekend in OKC (Part 1)

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Looking for a great girls weekend in OKC? I’ve got the perfect itinerary! Fashion, food, and lots of fun!

I had the absolute privilege of turning 40 recently. A privilege, yes. Thrilled about it? Not exactly. 

I was definitely having a LOT of feelings about entering this new decade and anytime Brent asked me how I wanted to celebrate I didn’t even want to discuss it. 

Turns out, he went ahead and just planned without me. Yes, this ENTIRE weekend celebration was planned by my husband, I simply showed up and enjoyed every second of it.

Was it a perfect way to celebrate a birthday? Yes. Would it be perfect for any weekend with your friends? Absolutely!

I thought I’d share everything here so that if you are planning your own girls weekend you could get some ideas! And if you happen to be planning one in Oklahoma City, even better! You can follow this itinerary step-by-step.

Girls weekend in OKC

Perfect Girls Weekend in OKC (Day 1)

I thought my life-long friend Karrie and I were going to lunch on Friday. The last time we had a lunch date, we ate at Green Chili Kitchen (so good!) and then wandered through Marshalls and Ulta for a bit. 

When Karrie arrived at my house, Brent presented me with an itinerary for the day. It was laminated. 

Brent had been planning my birthday weekend since FEBRUARY OF LAST YEAR. The man even had money taken out of his paycheck for months and deposited in my mom’s checking account so he had access to money that I didn’t know about.

Apparently he *could* in fact, lead a double life without my knowing. Who knew?

OK, back to the actual day.

Day 1 of girls weekend in OKC itinerary

Lunch at CAVA

Brent couldn’t remember my new favorite lunch spot so he suggested Flower Child, which would have been great, but we went to CAVA because I’m kind of in love with this salad bowl I’ve been getting there!

I was bummed when Zoe’s Kitchen closed but CAVA has healed my heart and beyond. And if you’ve never been, this is my exact order and you won’t be sorry:

  • Build-Your-Own Salad bowl
    • Romaine, Chicken, Tzatziki, Hummus, Persian Cucumber, Crumbled Feta, Kalamata Olives, Tomato & Cucumber, Pita Crisps, Avocado, Yogurt Dill 


Since we were pretty much next door, we walked through West Elm and Anthropologie before heading to our spa appointments.

shopping at Anthropologie

Three Graces Day Spa

For someone who is “into” beauty and skincare, I’ve only had one facial in my life. And while it was great, it wasn’t the true “spa experience”.

Three Graces in Oklahoma City was just lovely. The European decor, the music, the attentive staff, everything was just divine. 

Karrie and I checked in and were escorted to the changing room where we were given our plush robes and flip flops. There’s a relaxing lounge area where you wait and sip on water, wine, or champagne until your appointments.

Ready for relaxation at Three Graces Day Spa in Oklahoma City

Three Graces Signature Facial

A facial was up first and it was amazing. My esthetician and I discussed any areas of focus for my skin and anti-aging and hydration were at the top of my list.

I would tell you more about the facial but it was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep at one point. I don’t think it could have been for more than a couple of minutes but it was one of those deep sleeps where I felt like I slept for hours. AMAZING.

When my facial was complete I went back to the lounge area and Karrie and I chatted while waiting for our next treatment.

Crème de la Crème 

My massage therapist started by dry exfoliating my skin; massaging my back and arms and legs with exfoliating gloves before massaging me with warm coconut oil. Does it sound heavenly? It was.

Picture yourself, having been massaged with warm coconut oil and then covered in warm blankets and being left to relax. *Also, I can feel claustrophobic easily and never felt like that during this treatment, just FYI!

After my wrap was complete our time (unfortunately) at the spa was over. As we changed and gathered up our belongings Karrie and I both agreed that this was going to be a new birthday tradition for us. We are kind of shocked that we haven’t been “spa people” up to this point. We are definitely spa people now!


No birthday celebration is complete for me unless there’s some shopping involved! As we left that morning Brent had actually presented me with an envelope of cash for shopping (there was one for meals and spa tip too!) so I was on a mission to spend it, and spend it I did!

We left the spa around 4 so we had a couple of hours to spend shopping. Our stops at Classen Curve included Impeccable Pig, Evereve, Kendra Scott (where we used our birthday discounts!), & Scout & Molly’s. 

Kendra Scott Blair EarringsKendra Scott Birthday Purchase

We then ventured over to Belle Isle to visit Nordstrom Rack, always a favorite.

We realized it was now 6:00 PM on a Friday night and we had forgotten to make a dinner reservation. After checking out a few places online we decided to take a chance on getting a table at Barrios and we lucked out and were the last table before they went on a wait! 

Barrios is always a favorite when dining with friends and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. My favorite is the Victory Club Nachos, which are listed under their “things to share” section of the menu. I do not share them. :)

After a delicious dinner and great conversation we made our way home, wrapping up our day around 8:30 that night. 

This would have been a fantastic birthday celebration all on its own. But, it wasn’t even close to being over! And yes, there was another (laminated) itinerary.

Part two to come soon!

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