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Hello, friends! I’m coming to you from my couch on this Monday morning. Indy is (finally) napping, the dryer is running (with about three loads already waiting on the couch to be folded), and I’m eating dry cereal from a bowl. And you?

I spent last Thursday through Saturday in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Megaphone Summit (a conference for bloggers/influencers), so of course that means that now my brain is running in overdrive and I’m simultaneously stuck trying to figure out what to do next!

In all the sessions I attended over the weekend, one thing that was continuously mentioned was consistency. Which has been pretty lacking over here for the past year or so. I really want to get back to a regular schedule and so that you guys also know more of what to expect from me!

My goal for right now is posting a definite 2 times a week – Monday and Friday (posts up at 5AM central time), with the option to throw up another post in the middle of the week if I can! Sound good? Keep me accountable, OK? Also, give me some ideas on the types of content you’d like to see – someone on Instagram just asked me about my skincare routine so I can definitely do that soon. Another person on Facebook posed a styling dilemma they’re having with their new work attire so I think I’ll tackle that too! Have an issue or question for me? Just ask!

And, I’ll see you Friday (if not before!)

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