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Thank You, a Thousand Times Over

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Anyone want to take a guess on how many blog posts I’ve published on JK Style? If I were to have guessed I think I would have said maybe 500? 600? (Man, that sounds like a lot!)

1,050. Actually, this one makes 1,051. WOW.

I mean, what did I even write about? I had over a thousand things to say?? Ipsy bags and shoes I liked and how I hate capri pants and wedges( but fully support your right to love them both). Nail polish and wish lists and how to wear something in different ways. I guess I did have a lot to say.

So, thank you!

My very first post was a review of my favorite dry shampoo, which they don’t even make anymore!

Thank you for hanging out with me while I write about the silly “fluffy” stuff that makes all the hard part of life a little more fun. For being excited about Target collaborations or shopping stay-cations and my pregnancy. For nice comments on my anxiety post last week and for coming back, even after the past couple of years when there were weeks I didn’t get a single post up.

That little guy put a slight kink in my posting schedule.

There’s no point to this post other than to say “thanks”. This site has been a nice creative outlet over the years and it’s still much needed. At least to me, I hope you might like it too. :)

Here’s to another 1,050!

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