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My Halloween Costume (and Indy’s too!)

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I was pretty excited to pick out a Halloween costume for Indy. I stopped at Target a few weeks back when they were having a one day costume sale and couldn’t pick between a super cute turtle costume and an also super cute hedgehog costume.  What’s a mom to do? Buy both! I fully intended to have him try them both on and return one, but after polling friends and family it was pretty evenly split. Fast forward, Indy has two costumes. :) ($24 total, so, I’m OK with it!)

Sunday night we had Trunk or Treat at church so Indy was a hedgehog. I wanted to dress up with him but couldn’t think of what went well with a hedgehog. Mother Nature!

Mother Nature Costume - JK Style

I pinned some greenery and flowers to a long tulle skirt and made myself a quick flower crown and was set. Seriously, the whole thing took about 15 minutes.

Mother Nature Costume - JK Style

My brother and sister-in-law brought my nephews down for the evening so I got to hang out with Harry “Paws”ter (part Harry Potter, part puppy), and Harpo Marx!

Halloween costume 2018 - JK Style

Indy might have had the best night of his entire life, he was so happy! Even after we got home he was all happy and wired from the party. Is this a sign of things to come? Did I give birth to a tiny extroverted party animal? (The exact opposite of myself…)

Hedgehog costume - JK Style
I wrapped a piece of greenery around the stroller handle so it was technically part of his costume and I didn’t have to carry him all night! :)

Hedgehog costume - JK Style

Today, on actual Halloween he’ll get to wear his turtle costume!

turtle costume - JK Style
from our try-on session

That shell is pretty adorable! I’ll be posting some photos over on Instagram, so you can see him there! And feel free to comment with your costume photos, or kid’s costume photos on any of my social profiles, I’d love to see them! Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!

See you in November!!!

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