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I Promise I’m Still Here

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Well, after round two of sickness for me and Indy, let’s give this another shot! Please send all your healthy vibes in our direction. I desperately need life to return to normal.

I think I’ve been running on empty now for a few months (years?) and I’m hoping I can start carving out some more time to take care of myself. For me, that means:

Less phone!

I’m not a huge social media sharer, but I do need to use it for work and find myself on it allllllll day it seems. Even with trying to not use it around Indy (I don’t want him asking for my phone constantly, that day will come soon enough!), it seems to be attached to my hand. I’m much happier when I get a break!


If that means deleting some apps off my phone for a bit, so be it!

More reading!

I started getting back into reading at the end of last year. I used to read all the time but the past few years all my free time has been devoted to work.

My goal for this year is to read 20 books and I’m on book five right now! Feel free to give me your recommendations! I just finished the first in the Maisie Dobbs series and am now on Little Fires Everywhere.


I know, everyone’s on a Marie Kondo kick, but honestly I haven’t even watched her show yet. I just know I’ve got to use some time to really do some major cleaning out of the house and my closet!

It seems like such a big project but I’m trying to tackle it a little at a time. I know I’ll feel much better about life when it’s done!

Getting out of the house!

It’s been such a long winter it seems. Indy and I used to have a good routine of going on daily walks but once it got too cold we had to put those on pause.

I’ve been checking the forecast every day to see if we’re getting close to being able to go again and this weekend we finally got there! And it’s safe to say Indy looooved getting outside too! We even got him out of the stroller a bit to stretch his legs. :)

While I’d like to add things like travel! Buy a new wardrobe! Remodel the house! to the list, let’s be a little more realistic. :) Obviously spending more time writing about style and beauty is a priority too! I’ve already got several posts going right now!

Have some more ideas for me? Share, please!

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