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Goodbye 2018

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Hello, friends! Just popping in on this New Year’s Eve to say hi (since we haven’t chatted in a couple of weeks!) I needed a little time off to attend to family stuff and really, I also just needed a little break. :)

2018 pretty much owned me, and not in a good way. You know those lists of stressful life events? We got to experience a good chunk of them this year. Which means 2018 cannot end soon enough and I’m going into 2019 with a lot of cautious optimism. :)

I’m not making any promises regarding how often I’ll post and how active I can be on social media. But know that my intentions¬†are to get back to a few new posts a week (and maybe resharing a few older posts that are still relevant). I want to get back to sharing more styling tips and really making sure that you, yes, YOU, are wearing the things that make you feel great. Let’s have more of that in 2019, OK?

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Oh, and would you leave a comment and say hello if you read this? I’d love to know who has stuck around through my brief sabbatical. :) Have a happy new year!!

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