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40th Birthday Celebration (Part 2): The Girls Weekend You Have to Plan

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If you’re in the mood to plan a fun getaway with friends, I’ve got the girls weekend you’ve got to try! This is part 2, and you can read part 1 here!

I promised part two of my 40th birthday celebration and it just occurred to me that I hadn’t yet delivered!

The only thing I knew going into the day was to pack an overnight bag because I thought that Brent and I were going to spend the day in OKC and then stay the night in a hotel.

Ready for my 40th birthday weekend with friends!

He had arranged childcare for the kids and had taken them to my parents’ house while I got ready to leave. He came back home and as I was brushing my teeth I saw a car pull into the driveway. Three of my friends were now at the door and I realized once again I had no idea what was happening. (Is this a running theme in my life?)

Turns out I would be spending my day with these friends and not Brent, who was now going back to retrieve the children he pretended to pack for and take somewhere. 😆

Let me first say that not only did Brent plan and reserve the entire day, he:

  1. Packed us snacks- we each had a little bento box of pretzel chips, hummus, meat, cheese, carrots, and fruit packed in a coolerthe girls weekend snack boxes
  2. Provided a playlist for the day. Basically all songs we would have listened to in high school/college
  3. Made a “40 things” trivia game about me
  4. Made a WEBSITE to host all of the information for the day: photos, the trivia questions, the itinerary, playlist, etc.

Oh, and I should also mention that he planned all of this and then had to reschedule it all because I was sick on my actual birthday. What timing!

Thankfully he doesn’t turn 40 for a few years because the pressure is ON. 😆

The Girls Weekend You Have to Plan in OKC (Part 2)

the girls weekend to plan in OKC - JK Style

The itinerary for the day:

40th birthday girls weekend itinerary

My birthday companions were my friends Stephanie, Abby, and Ashleigh. My friend Kelsey couldn’t make the rescheduled celebration but she did send a birthday crown and sash for me to wear, which I DID. All day!

Seriously, it was the PERFECT itinerary. We had activities all day but never once felt rushed to get somewhere or finish what we were doing. We even had time to go back to Ashleigh’s house a couple of different times to drop off things, eat snacks, and see if they could answer my trivia questions. (They did well!)

Brent should seriously plan events or travel or something, though I know he is very happy this is all over, hahaha. 

12:30 Lunch at Frida Southwest

None of us had been to Frida before and now we already have a brunch date planned for March! Ashleigh had the genius idea to order the Sweet Corn Pancakes for us to share and good grief. We talked about the pancakes all day. Seriously.

I didn’t even think I’d eat any since I’m not a big breakfast person and would never order pancakes anywhere else. Consider me a convert. So good. SO GOOD.

But that’s not all. My lunch was superb as well, I did the tortilla soup and the Southwest Caesar Salad and they were perfect.

Delicious meal from Frida Southwest


They figured out I was celebrating my birthday (did the crown and sash give it away?) and brought a slice of complimentary Mexican Hot Chocolate Cheesecake which we also talked about the rest of the day. This is not your traditional cheesecake. It’s like eating a piece of the most delicious fudge you’ve ever tried.

Look, I’m not what you’d call a foodie, and the fact that I’ve spent so much time writing about this meal on my FASHION blog, should tell you something.

Go there and eat, that is all.

Since we were in the area, we popped into Eden’s in the Paseo, where 3/4 of us all bought something on a whim. I scored this fun sequin top from the sale rack and love it!

2:30 Bookstore

Our next stop was Commonplace Books where we leisurely browsed and bought books (I bought Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, which I’m enjoying so far!)

Commonplace is a great bookstore. Lots of trendy titles but also classics and quirky finds. And a great kid’s selection too.

There’s also a coffee shop next door (that you can access from inside) so you can grab a drink before you browse, or take your new books next door to read.

4:00 Pedicures 

Brent booked us the private room at Covet Nail Studio where we all got pedicures. I’ve got to say, it’s been over a month now and my gel pedicure still looks like it did on day one!

I can’t remember the last time I had even gotten a pedicure, maybe right after I had Indy? (Roughly five years ago!) This was a real treat and I think I’ll be back to Covet Nail when it’s finally time for another!

6:25 Escape room

I love escape rooms! This was my first time at Red Door and it was great!

I hadn’t done an escape room in a few years so it takes a minute to kind of get back in the groove, but once we did we had a blast, and escaped too!

We did the Prison Break game and it was challenging enough to be fun, but not so challenging that it was frustrating, if that makes sense. We seriously had such a good time that after our brunch at Frida this month we’re doing another escape room!

8:15 Dinner

Brent had booked us a table at Paseo Grill, which he thought was one of my favorite dinner spots, but I don’t think I’ve been there before, ha! Fortunately, it was great so it worked out well!

dinner at Paseo Grill in OKC

We did the fried green bean appetizer, and I did the Chicken Saltimbocca with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad. We tried to turn down dessert because we were headed to Ashleigh’s house for birthday cake, but they surprised us with a small glasses of fruit and whipped cream which was the perfect ending to the meal. 

birthday dessert at Paseo Grill

If you haven’t been to Paseo Grill, it’s got a great atmosphere with cozy seating, would definitely recommend. 

11:00 Hotel Stay

Berry Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods - the girls weekend JK Style

After my favorite cake (Whole Foods Berry Chantilly Cake) and laughter with my friends, we were all pretty tired so I was dropped off at the Hyatt Place on NW Expressway for a night of uninterrupted sleep! I mean, that alone would have been a great birthday gift! 

This is a hotel I’ve stayed at frequently when I have had some solo stay-cation time because 1) I like staying at Hyatt Place(es), and 2) the location is great for shopping. You’re just a couple of minutes from Penn Square Mall, Belle Isle (Nordstrom Rack, etc.), and Classen Curve shopping. I’ve stayed here probably half a dozen or so times and have only had good experiences. 

My fabulous 40th birthday weekend ended Sunday mid-morning when Brent picked me up around 11. 

What an incredible weekend. Don’t tell Brent, but I kind of want to do it again soon. :)

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