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Tuesday Tip: Jewelry Organization

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Jewelry organization. You probably have some jewelry (maybe a lot of it) tucked into bags and drawers, hopefully not all tangled up in knots! Jewelry organization is tricky! And jewelry is something that needs to be viewed easily in order for you to remember you have it and wear it! I thought I’d show you today how I organize my own jewelry. I’m no professional organizer (by any means) but these have worked for me!

The Drawer Organizer

jewelry organization sock drawer

This handy little tray fits perfectly in my sock drawer. Since socks are probably the least worn item in my wardrobe (I only wear them with boots and running shoes), this was the ideal spot! I can easily pop the tray out when I need to grab socks but for the most part it stays put since I can still fit a couple pair up front.

A little closer view:

jewelry organization tray

First column (from top to bottom): Brooches and stud earrings

I keep my stud earrings (most of them anyway) on large buttons! No more searching for the other earring!

Second column: hair pins/clips and rings (plus a few straggler pieces of jewelry, hey, this isn’t a perfect system!)

Third column: statement necklaces (that can’t be easily hung) and watches


The Bracelet Stand

jewelry organization bracelet holder

I found this little stand at a garage sale a few years ago and keep meaning to spray paint it, probably silver or gold. Maybe this photo should be my incentive to get it done! I keep this right on my dresser.


The Trinket Trays

jewelry organization trinket trays

These little trays stay out on display too. I use them for quick storage (and I try to not let them overflow!) or for keeping my “staple” pieces, like my gold Kate Spade studs (that I wear all the time). The “hello beautiful” tray came in a POPSUGAR MustHave box, the “J” dish came from my in-laws and I picked up the Eiffel Tower ring holder at Kirklands right before Christmas.

Square Tray // Initial dish // Eiffel Tower Ring Stand (similar here and here)


The Bulletin Boards

jewelry organization bulletin boards

This is a trick I’ve been using for years! These bulletin boards hang in my closet and they’re such an easy (and cheap) way to organize necklaces and drop earrings! Grab a bulletin board or two and some push pins. Once you’ve nailed the board into the wall just pop some pins on and start hanging! I love to be able to see everything at once so I never have to go searching for something!

Have any other tips for jewelry organization? Share with us!! (And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!)

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  1. Phyllis bomar says:

    Looks good Jamie, similar to things I use…I have some plastic boxes from Walmart used for screws etc that I put earrings in.

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