They’re Back! Affordable Gold Hoop Earrings

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At the end of every summer I start to research upcoming fall trends. There’s always that time between the end of the season and before fall clothes are actually in stores, and knowing how much I love fall fashion, I get anxious waiting to see what’s coming! When I saw hoop earrings, and specifically, classic gold hoop earrings were back in style, I had a moment of confusion. Hoop earrings? Gold hoop earrings? The kind I wore and had multiple pairs of back in 10th grade? While I shouldn’t be surprised I did have to adjust for a minute. I mean really, A) I’m old enough to see yet another trend cycle through, and B) Considering 90s fashion is back, why wouldn’t gold hoop earrings be coming along?

So, here we are. Digging our gold hoop earrings out of the bottom of our jewelry boxes and channeling our inner J.Lo, who, by the way, never gave up her hoops. (Uh, speaking of J.Lo, did you see her latest magazine photos? New goal for my 49th birthday, photoshoot like Jennifer Lopez! (JUST KIDDING MOM.)

OK, let’s get back on track, shall we? Gold hoop earrings. They’re back. They’re everywhere, and if you need a new pair or two, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few fun options, all under $25.

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What do you think about gold hoop earrings? Are you on board for this new-again trend?

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  1. Glenda Ross says:

    Love hoops. Have a “go to” silver pair. And a gold pair, perfect for my fall outfits.

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