My Gorjana Wish List

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If you read Monday’s February Allure Beauty Box review, you saw that this box included a coupon code to use at Gorjana. If you’re not familiar with this brand, they made gorgeous jewelry and I was excited to check it out!

Since the code was for $25, I was slightly afraid that prices would start at $100 or more. Don’t you hate when that happens? You get a gift code/card to something and still can’t afford to shop! Fortunately when I checked out their website I saw lots of affordable options! My goal is to find something that costs me $20 or less, making the item cost no more than $45 total.

Can I do it? Let’s see!

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Here are a few of the beautiful pieces I’m considering:

Gorjana wish list

Power Gemstone Charm Ring for Protection

I love the simplicity of this ring! And it’s $38 making it just $13 after I use my code. Hm…
Gorjana wish list

Chloe Mini Stud 2

Or what about these simple gold studs? So easy and they’ll go with anything and everything! Plus, they’re just $32, making them just $7 for me!

Gorjana wish list

Power Gemstone Cord Bracelet for Strength

I’m not normally one for a cord bracelet, but this has got a really chic vibe. And I could use extra strength any day! This is just $28, make it $3 for me!

Gorjana wish list on JK Style

Amara Solitaire Studs

I love these small studs, they come in gold and rose gold too and I think any of them would be a great choice. They’re $40, so $15 for me.

Gorjana wish list on JK Style

Taner Ear Crawlers

Ooh, or maybe I’m leaning towards these crawlers. I love a good pair of ear crawlers!

OK, I can’t resist sharing this one, though it’s out of the price range. I think this ring set is so beautiful, but it’s $10 over my limit! :)

Gorjana wish list

Let’s take another look:

Gorjana wish list

It’s probably good you can’t see me right now. I think I’m actually drooling. This ring set is $55 which means it’s $30 which is $10 too much for my limit BUT MAYBE I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.

For real, I think I’m in love with that ring set. Hm….

OK, what’s your vote? Which item(s) are your favorite??


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