The One Store Discount You MUST Take Advantage Of

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This post on the awesome Kendra Scott birthday discount contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

When it comes to fancy things, I really don’t have a lot. Yes, I have a few nice bags, and a pair of $250 earrings, but most, if not all of the nicer things I have, I got at a really good discount, or they were gifts. It’s not that I don’t think certain items or brands are worth the money, it’s just not always in my budget! :)

There’s one particular brand that while it’s not high-end designer, is still considered upscale, but you can definitely afford it! Kendra Scott has become one of my favorite spots for jewelry over the years and while it’s not a purchase I make regularly, I definitely purchase it twice a year – at half off!

kendra scott birthday discount - JK Style

Here’s how I snag Kendra Scott jewelry for half the price:

The Kendra Scott Birthday Discount!

That’s it!

During the month of your birthday you can get 50% off one item! (Or 25% off if you’re purchasing from their fine jewelry collection or home items.)

That means that $75 necklace you love but just can’t quite swing, is now less than $40.  Those $45 studs? Closer to $20! This is my favorite kind of math.

Kendra Scott Brooks Earrings
I bought these gorgeous statement earrings for my birthday back in January!

Brooks Earrings

There are a few details to know about:

  1. This discount is only available in store, not online.
  2. Items purchased using your birthday discount are final sale.
  3. You have to show a photo i.d.

Wait, you heard me say (or write?) that I take advantage of this twice a year…how?

My husband!

He’s got a May birthday and that means I will always get some Kendra Scott jewelry for Mother’s Day which is just what I wanted!

Kendra Scott Inez Metal Necklace
I love this necklace Brent picked out for Mother’s Day!

Inez Hammered Pendant Necklace 

So friends, don’t let your birthday slip by without taking advantage of this awesome discount. And don’t let your spouse’s/significant other’s/random friend’s pass by either without having them buy you something. :)

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