The Piece of Jewelry That Helps My Anxiety

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If you suffer from anxiety I’m sharing something I own that has helped me keep my hands busy! This anxiety ring works great and looks great too. :)

I suffer from anxiety. I don’t remember a time in life I didn’t have to deal with it and some days it’s more overwhelming than others. I’ve used many tools in my fight, everything from therapy and exercise to medication and “fidget” tools. Remember when every kid in America had a fidget spinner? (Those poor, poor elementary school teachers.) I didn’t have a spinner, but I did have a cube-thing of some sort that I could click/spin/etc., when I was sitting on the couch watching TV, or working at my desk.

Having something to do with my hands can definitely help release some of that negative energy. When I heard they made jewelry for this purpose I was very interested. Especially since it was actually pretty jewelry that looks like regular jewelry! I found a spinning ring on Amazon and it’s been a real help.

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spinning ring for anxiety - JK Style

Spinning Ring (comes in several colors/metals too!)

One of the ways my anxiety presents itself is in dermatillomania, which means I often pick at the skin on my fingers or lips, usually absent-mindedly, until they bleed. (Sorry if that’s gross.)

Anytime I’m feeling anxious I can start spinning my anxiety ring and it keeps me from picking at my cuticles or lips, and I don’t feel weird about people knowing what it is or why I’m wearing it because it looks just like a regular, pretty ring. (Not that there’s anything wrong with people knowing, just sometimes I don’t want to have to address it, you know?)

spinning ring - JK Style
photo via Amazon

But really, isn’t that a pretty ring? I know there are lots of options for rings like this (just search “spinner ring” on Amazon) but this particular one comes in several different metals, I chose the rose gold and it was a great price!

You probably haven’t even noticed it in some of my outfit photos. If you look closely at my hand holding the phone, you can see it on my pointer finger. I even took a slow motion video so you could see it in action:

I don’t wear my “anxiety ring” every day, but I definitely will if I know I’m going to be in a high-anxiety situation or am already feeling a little more prone to it. So, pretty much a LOT these days.

I misplaced mine for a few weeks and could tell a difference.  I’ve definitely been picking at the skin on my thumb again lately so back on the ring will go. I’m wanting to get the gold and silver versions too, so I’ll have one that matches whatever I’m wearing that day.

I realize reading about picking at skin and anxiety might not be what you were expecting today, and that you might be a little grossed out by that, but this is my reality and I thought maybe it could help someone else who also struggles with this. Even if you don’t struggle with picking at skin it’s still a great tool for anxiety in general.

Do you have another tool or tip that helps you cope with anxious feelings? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Originally published August 1, 2019

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  1. This is so pretty! I also forwarded this post to one of our families, as we have a girl here in our home that tends to pick at her scabs and stuff when she is fidgety…this might be a really helpful solution for her, and so discreet! Thank you, Jamie! :)

  2. Ashleigh says:

    Yes Jamie! I’m here for anyone speaking their truth. I have a similar issue with my anxiety, but I pick at the skin on my arms and legs (and sometimes my face). It can feel so isolating and “weird.” Talking about uncomfortable stuff bring people together and makes us feel less alone. Thanks for your honesty!

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