15 Pieces of Jewelry Under $15

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Need a mid-week pick-me-up? I’ve got some gorgeous jewelry under $15 that you’re going to want to see! 

If we can’t find a way to celebrate with a Thrifty Thursday, what’s the point really? 

Retail therapy may not be the “healthiest” way to solve our problems, but it can definitely provide a tiny moment of happiness, however fleeting it may be. :)

I thought it had been a while since I looked at any type of jewelry options for us, but I was thinking that a more affordable treat might be just what we all need right now. (Among a lot of other things, of course.)

I found 15 pieces of jewelry that are all $15 and under and include some amazing options, no matter your preferred style.

I’ve got gorgeous statement earrings, delicate climbers, simple studs, bracelets perfect for layering or on their own, and some great necklace options too.

Again, all CHEAP! (With some of the pieces from LOFT, make sure you use the coupon code they list to take 60% off the sale price!)

Let me know which piece(s) you have your eye on and should you want to send this list to your significant other I just want to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away! 

This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you.

15 Gorgeous Pieces of Jewelry Under $15

Use the arrows to scroll through the photos below and let me know if you have some favorites!



Happy shopping! :)

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