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Tuesday Tip Day: Jeans and Boots

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I pretty much live in boots post September and there’s nothing more frustrating than messing with your jeans all day trying to get them to stay tucked inside your boots. Today I’m sharing my tips for making jeans stay put!


1. Don’t attempt a tall skinny boot with a wide-legged jean. Sounds obvious, yes, but don’t try it. It will not end well. Opt for skinny jeans to ensure no bunching.
2. Grab some ankle-length or capris. I’m not a fan of capri pants in any form but I do own a great pair of skinny legged denim capris I’ve had forever. I only wear them with tall boots because you can’t tell the length underneath and they don’t bunch up around my ankles! Last year I bought a couple pair of ankle length jeans and they also work great. Just make sure your boots are tall enough to cover.
3. Get some boot straps. If you don’t have skinny leg, but more of a slim bootcut (it’s going to be tricky using anything wider than that), grab some sort of boot strap. You might remember this post I did, and if not, check it out, it’s one of my favorite products I use all the time!

boot straps


Happy boot season!

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